Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Much To Say

Me keeping an eye on things.
 There is not much going on here.  Sunday, we had a beautiful day.  We sat outside and watched Mama knit a sock.  BOL!  Today, we are waiting for the ice storm to arrive.  We had one on Friday, but this one was billed to be bigger. Schools are closed and some businesses. It is not living up to the predictions though and we may escape it without much happening.  It looks like we will get above freezing this afternoon and that was not predicted. We thought we would be without water all day, but the temperatures have stayed warm enough that they haven't turned it off.  It will most likely be turned off tonight though.  It will be the fifth time.  Today, we are just snuggled up in our blankets and having a "snow day" as Mama calls it.

Oh, there is something big happening tomorrow night. The fun police will be back in town.  Yep, that is right, Dad is coming home and it looks like we will be together for the rest of the year!  We are leaving here later this week and heading to our next destination.  We were supposed to head to California after Christmas but those plans were canceled.  We were quite disappointed. Mama kept us busy though and we did fine.

Our new flag.
The Greyhound Who Didn't Know Houston Could Get Icy

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