Thursday, February 19, 2015

Come With Us On A Tour Of Rainbow's End

We are currently staying at the Escapee's park in Livingston, TX.  It is the headquarters of Escapees and is called Rainbow's End. Today, Mom took a tour of the place.  It took two hours.  She didn't expect it to take that long, but she said it was fun. Dad stayed home with us and coughed and moaned.  He has a cold.

Mom was excited to tour the mail facility because that is where our mail come to stays until we ask for it to be forwarded to us.  They do not allow any photos to be taken due to privacy of the customers.  She said the place is huge.  One room is just hanging files in bins and that is where the mail is stored for each person.  The next room has the sorting machine. The mail is sorted three times by the machine.  The settings are changed for each sort.  Mom said it was impressive.

Our mailing address is Rainbow Dr.

This is the club house.

Time capsule.

Ice Cream shop. This used to be the office.

Trolley that Mom took the tour on.

The required photo at the sign.

This is our site. The weigh station for RVs is on the left of us.  The laundry room is the building on the far left.

The C.A.R.E. Center.  We mentioned it in our last blog post.

This is the headquarters and the mail facility.

The library which is in the club house.
The tour also included driving past the two homes that the founders of our club lived in while here.

We definitely like Rainbow Plantation in Alabama better than here.  Mom says this is a nice place to visit, but she doesn't want to stay here long term. 

The Greyhound Who Helped His Mom Pick Up The Mail Today

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