Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Are In Texas!

We left Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL yesterday morning.  I think it might have been our favorite place so far. The sites are large, the dog park is great and we could walk for hours if we wanted to do so. Yep, it is a great place to stay. We received several hugs from our friends before we left and Mom shed a few tears as we drove away.  We will return one day. 

Our drive to Livingston, TX went fairly well. We had some high winds and wind gusts.  We thought we might be in rain all day, but it really didn't occur until in the late afternoon.  It was good we didn't have rain all day because our windshield wipers started acting up.  The passenger windshield wiper started going to the driver's side.  We used them sparingly, but then the passenger wiper got stuck on the driver's wiper.  That was not good.  Luckily, there was a spot to pull off the road and Mom jumped out and put the wiper back in the correct position.  Dad tried it and it got stuck again.  Mom put it back in it's proper place again and got back in the rig.  Dad said they would be able to use it once, so we had to wait until it was absolutely necessary.  Luckily, the rain stopped and we were able to reach our campground.  We arrived as the office was closing, but they checked us in.

This campground is the Escapees Club headquarters.  Rainbow Plantation is also an Escapee's campground.  We were told Rainbow Plantation is the nicest park in the system.  It is definitely nicer than here.  It is not bad here, but the sites are close together.  Our site is on the end, so we have a bigger yard than most.  We are located near the laundry room which is convenient.  They ask that people not use their own machines because the septic system is old.  Mom did all the laundry last night.  Dad brought home all of his dirty clothes, so she had a lot to do.  We are also near the dumpsters which we like because we don't have to walk with the trash bag as long.  We hate doing trash duty.

There are a lot of activities here.  Mom hopes to take one of the tours that they offer of the place. Mom wants to see the mail facility.  Our mail comes here and then is forwarded to wherever we are.  There is also the C.A.R.E. Center.  This is where Escapee members can get help if they are having trouble due to illness or injury.  We love our Escapee club for all that they offer.

We haven't really seen much of the place yet since it was late when we got in last night. We will take photos later today and show you around our new place.

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