Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Washed And Waxed

Saturday, two men came here and washed and waxed our rig.  One of the guys used to work at the greyhound race track in Mobile.  He was surprised at how mellow we were.  He was used to seeing greyhounds who were all excited about chasing the lure. 

The rig was really dirty, but these pictures don't seem to show that.

Maybe you can see the dirt on the tire.  The sand has really made it dirty.
Before they arrived, Mom took the tire covers and the window coverings off and washed them in the shower.  That was a sight to see.  She washed each one separately and then dried them on the counter and then added 303 spray to them.  The spray helps protect them.

We were a little scared when they started washing the rig because one of the men was on our roof.  He didn't walk as softly as Dad does on the roof.  Mom was anxious for him to get off the roof.
Mom, someone is on our roof!

The men washed the rig by hand.  The guy on the roof said the roof was really dirty.  Dad had never washed it because all the campgrounds we have stayed in haven't allowed us to wash our rig.   The guy washed the roof twice.  After the rig was washed, they left while it dried.  They then came back and waxed it.

Mom spent most of the time at the neighbors watching the washing and waxing.  The neighbors were so impressed with the work that they hired the men to do theirs.

Wow!  It really shines now!

This tire cover is stained and will not come clean.  Dad had put a gutter up to keep water from draining down, but the gutter fell off.  Mom scrubbed it and this is as good as it got.
This is the first time we have hired anyone to wash and wax our rig because normally it is too expensive.  This man only charges $125.  Dad said it was definitely worth it.

The Greyhound Who Is No Longer Embarrassed By A Dirty Rig

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