Thursday, January 7, 2016

El Nino Has Arrived

The first thing Mom said when she found out we were coming to the San Diego area was El Nino.  She had heard that this area was going to be hit hard. They showed videos of past flooding on the news which made Mom nervous.  Well, our first taste of El Nino arrived on Monday.  Monday was just a few showers but people were flipping out.  Tuesday, we had heavy rain.  It rained most of the day.  Wednesday, we had some heavy rain but it was not as bad as Tuesday.  However, on Wednesday we had thunder.  Thunder is not common here.  Then, we had a tornado warning issued.  At first, we didn't think it was for us, but they repeated it and it was for us.  Mom opened up the windows so she could hear if the sirens were going off. They weren't.  The skies were white.  Mom has never seen white skies when a tornado warning has been issued.  She decided it wasn't real.  They came on the news again and said it was heading straight for us and that it would just pop out of the clouds.  They also said that San Diego County does not have tornado sirens.  The radar did show a large red blob headed towards us which usually means very heavy rain.  Mom decided that maybe we should take shelter in the bath house since it is a brick building.  She packed up a blanket for me and a towel to dry me off since we would be walking in the rain and put those in a trash bag.  We headed to the bath house.  No one else was there.  We felt kind of silly and probably looked homeless.  She checked her phone and the warning had been cancelled.  BOL!  Mom realized she didn't take her purse with us so that could have been a problem if a tornado had taken our RV away.  She needs to be better prepared for the next time.  After we got home, we received a text from Dad asking if we were doing okay.  He later told us that there was hysteria at his work over the tornado warning. He asked if a tornado had been spotted or if it was radar indicted.  No one knew what that meant. Thank goodness it turned out to be nothing.

Mom's main concern here has been flash flooding and mudslides. The news people have been very upset about the weather and Mom has learned it it best not to watch much.  After Tuesday's rain, she decided we were going to be fine.  She talked to a worker here today and he said that they usually loose a tree after heavy rain, but that is about it.  We have been watching the lake levels and they look about the same even though the water comes from the mountain. That is what our brochure says.  There has been a little bit of mud and debris on the streets, but they have been cleaning it up quickly. 

Our satellite has been going out a lot with the rain, but Mom hooked up the cable so we haven't had a loss in programming.  We can't miss our programming.  If anyone watches Days of Our Lives you know why.  BOL!

Do you want to see some photos from our park?  Sure you do!  BOL!

A little bit of mud came down.  Mom pictured the whole thing coming down.

We like the big rocks here.

Water coming into the lake.  It was faster last night.

One of the three lakes.  Mom likes watching the ducks.

Our street. See the hills in the background.  We are surrounded by hills.

These RVs are below us.

Another view of our street.  You can see on the left how the RVs are down a level.
We wondered if they would have mud in their sites.  They didn't.

Our wet site. The backside of us is a street.
This is the dog park.  It is huge.

Dog park.

However, the dog park is full of holes. There were some really large ones, but they filled most of them in on Monday.  This is a small one.  We saw a Jack Russell fall in a hole.  I haven't been able to run due to the holes.


Do you see the RVs near the top of the photo?  They are at the highest point We haven't walked up there yet.

This sign hangs on the restroom door.  It just appeared one day.  Makes you wonder. 
Rainy days are good for sleeping

...and watching TV.
We have three more days of predicted rain and then a break for a day or two and then more rain.  We think the worst is over for now.

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