Wednesday, January 20, 2016

USS Midway, Kiss Statue and Bob Hope

The folks visited San Diego again on Saturday.  Dad wanted to tour the USS Midway.  Mom wasn't thrilled about it because they had just toured the USS Hornet near San Francisco.  However, Mom said this one was more fun and it was pretty crowded.  The USS Hornet had more employees than visitors which is sad.  The Midway gives visitors headphones so that they can take an audio tour. Mom always finds tours more interesting when there is an audio tour.

They started off their visit eating lunch on the deck.  Mom had a BLT and said it was really good.

This was their view while eating.  The netting is to keep the birds out, but there were still some birds inside.

The USS Midway was commission in 1945.  It was the largest ship at the time and was too large for the Panama Canal.  It had a crew of 4,500.  600 men in engineering, 225 cooks, 200 pilots, 40 corpsmen, 5 physicians, and 3 dentists.  They served 10 tons of food daily. 13,500 meals were served daily.  Each day they went through 3,000 potatoes, 1,000 loaves of bread, 4,500 pounds of beef and if pies were served, they would go through 500.

The USS Midway was decommissioned in 1992.  It opened in 2004 as a museum. 1 million people visit the museum each year.

There were several flight simulators on board. The folks didn't do that, but they along with many others laughed at a woman who screamed throughout her entire ride.  They thought she was an older woman, but turned out to be in her twenties. 

They toured the flight deck, the barracks and basically saw what life was like on board the ship.  They also watched a movie called the Battle of the Midway. The Midway was not involved in the battle, but the ship was named after it.  They said the movie was really good.

This is the flight deck. It is 4.02 acres according to the brochure.

A ship that takes people on a cruise of the bay.

A view of part of Seaport Village.

Unconditional Surrender Statue

Bob Hope tribute

Bob Hope

MetLife Blimp
The weather was beautiful on Saturday and the folks had a good time learning about the USS Midway.

The Greyhound Who Would Love To Run On The USS Midway

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