Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Surprise

In my last post, I mentioned that Mom gave me a present - a surprise.

What is it?

Oh, it is a new bed that stinks!

We added my blanket to it to get the store stink out of it.
I think my other bed was better.
I guess I will get used to it.
This bed is a lot like my old bed.  Mom says it is better because the cover comes off and can be washed.  It also had a lot more filling, but Mom can also add more if she wanted to do so.   Mom says the old bed really smells and it is too big to put in a regular washing machine and she hasn't found a laundromat yet that allows you to wash dog beds.  We are keeping the old bed for sitting outside and going for rides in the Jeep.

The rain finally stopped on Saturday.  Mom and I were getting really down with the constant rain.  We now have sun!

The campground is crowded with people this week.  Lots of people on vacation.  I bet they were not happy when a jackhammer started at 8 a.m.  They are doing a remodel on the pool.  Not only is the jackhammer going, but they are draining the pool into the street.  Yeah, that is a mess.  The owner is also getting ready to put in more cabins, so today he is moving sod from one spot and will put it in another spot once he takes the gravel from that spot and put it where the sod was and put the sod where the gravel is.  Yeah, that is a lot of work.  Mom told him the Wi-Fi is out again.  It has been out for over a week, so I doubt she is the first one to tell him.  He acted surprise though.

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