Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Kindness Of Strangers

Last Thursday morning our area had a hail storm.  It was a little scary because it was so loud inside.  It would have been much louder in our old RV though.

I wasn't too scared.

Mom noticed a crack in our skylight in the shower.  She is scared to get on the roof, so she did not check for other damage.  She told Dad and they decided to turn in a claim just in case there was more damage.  We noticed that the Jeep had hail damage.  Mom said that since it is 12 years old she is not going to get it fixed.  I hope if I need repairs at age 12, she will decide I am worth it.

Later in the day, we saw a lot of people on their roofs repairing some of their damage. Mom asked one man if he had damage.  He said he did not.  He offered to check out our roof.  He didn't see any damage.  He didn't even see the crack in the skylight.  He put a plastic bag over it anyway.  After he left, Mom checked out his work from the shower and noticed the crack was not covered at all.  Darn!  She didn't want to go back to him and ask him to come back since it is a pain climbing on a roof.  However, several of our neighbors were outside looking at their rigs and Mom started talking with them.  She told our neighbor, Jack, about our issue. He offered to put glue and tape on the crack.  He also told Mom there was more hail damage on our roof than just the skylight.  Mom said she is really thankful for the kindness of strangers.

Here is the crack with tape and glue on it.  It is a really long crack. The crack is on the left.  The tape makes it looks worse than it is.
On Monday of this week, the claim adjuster came by.  We have more damage than we expected.  He said the skylight, the trim on the roof and our slide toppers all need to be replaced.  Also, the covers on the AC units also have damage.  He estimated that the repairs will take 10 days in a shop because the trim will have to be painted to match the rig.  We will need to stay in a motel during that time.   We have a $1,500 RV Emergency Expense that will cover some or all of that depending on how expensive our motel ends up being.  We are going to have to wait until we get to our next destination to get the repairs done and we do not know where that will be yet.  I have never stayed in a motel.  It sounds like an excellent adventure!

It seems like just about everyone suffered damage.  Many of the people had hail crash through their skylights.  That would have been really scary.  

We sure will be glad when Dad gets home.  Mom told me today that we have about ten more days. 

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