Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Dad Is Home!

My Dad has been in Hawaii for the past month.  Mom and I have been on our own.  We did fine except the hail storm caused damaged to our rig, but that wasn't our fault.  The only good part of Dad being away is that we don't worry about cleaning. That means that the vacuum doesn't come out every day.  On Friday, we really had to clean.  Mom polished all the wood, mopped, vacuumed and just basically got in my way.  Dad came home yesterday!  All is right in my world.

Dad brought Mom a necklace. It is really pretty. His co-workers gave him him a bag full of goodies; nuts, candies and coffee.  He also brought home two weeks worth of dirty clothes.  I didn't get squat.  Oh wait, I did get a french fry from their lunch yesterday.

Tomorrow, we are hitting the road.  Dad is on vacation for three weeks.  Our first stop is to get the RV inspected.  After that we are heading to Oklahoma and we will get the oil changed.  We are then headed to Missouri to do some trout fishing.  We are hoping to get the rig fixed in Indiana, but they may not be able to get us in during our vacation.  We are still hoping to go there for a get together of people that own the same brand of RV that we own.  It is kind of like a rally.  We made reservations yesterday, but we haven't received the confirmation that there is room for us.

I will miss the dog park here.  It is great!  Some of the people said they will miss seeing me.  They think my boot that I wear is pretty cool. They also like to watch me run at the dog park.  I will miss the squirrels. I could spend hours watching them.  One almost fell from a tree the other day.  The limb he jump on broke. That was exciting.  There are a couple of dogs that stay outside on cables (against the rules) and I will miss seeing them run to try and get me and then see them snap back because they run out of their cable.  Silly dogs.

Mom likes the staff here. They are very friendly.  We are on a monthly rate and our month ended yesterday.  They are prorating the rest of our stay which comes out to just $18 a day and not charging us for electricity.  That is cheap!  They said they do that for good customers.  The worse part of this place is that some people have a lot of junk at their sites There are also lots of tarps on the roofs.  Yes, we just had a hail storm, but the tarps were here when we arrived in February. Mom calls it "Tarpville".  We just wish they would enforce the rules here.  Corporate has been here the last few days and before their arrival, they tried to get people to clean things up.  It didn't happen.  There was talk that the managers might be fired, but since we are leaving, we won't know if that happened.

I will try and update the blog more since I will actually be having some adventures.

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