Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bennett Springs State Park

We are on vacation!  We traveled to Big Cabin, OK last week for an oil change on the RV.  The place that did the oil change has a small campground.  It was actually really nice.  However, the place that did the oil change is not pet friendly.  They said I was not allowed inside their building.  That could have been an issue if it was raining or hot outside or if the repair took all day.  Mom got my old bed out of the Jeep and I just laid there while the rig was getting serviced.  I actually enjoyed spending time outside, so it was okay.

Our view from the campground.


After the oil change, we drove to Bennett Springs State Park.  This was my third trip there.  It is one of my favorite places. Why?  There is so much room to walk.  I didn't get to fish since Dad was concerned that I might pick up a hook in my foot.  Mom and I did our walking while Dad was fishing.  We walked two miles one day and one and a half another.  We used to walk that far and even farther all the time, but we have gotten out of shape due to the places we have been staying.  It was nice to stretch my legs again.

Spring is just beginning here. 

Mom always likes seeing this scene.

Our stay at Bennett Springs was fun.  However, the water has not been turned on at the campground yet.  We had to fill up our tank which was quite an adventure as it was tight getting our rig into that area.  They were also doing road construction at the campground entrance/exit which presented more challenges for our 45' rig.  We will not be able to drink water from our rig for a while unless Dad sanitizes it since we had to put water in the tank.  Normally, a hose is just connected to the rig and that is safe to drink from. When you turn the pump on, it contaminates your system and it is not safe to drink until you sanitize it or wait about a week after you stop using the pump.  It is a pain because even to brush their teeth, the folks have to use bottled water.  I get to drink bottled water too. 

We left Bennett Springs yesterday.  We had just a short trip to our next destination.  Our engine light came on which caused us to pull over to the shoulder. Not only did the light come home but it made this terrible tone to get our attention.  Dad called the manufacturer of our rig who then called the people who made our engine.  Dad told them the error codes and we were told we could keep driving since it wasn't too far.  They are supposed to call us tomorrow to set up a repair time.  That was not part of our vacation schedule and I bet it will take all day at the repair shop.  He hopes they will come to us, but I bet they don't.  It is still under warranty, so it shouldn't cost us anything but time. 

I am scheduled to have a dental on Friday.  Mom is worried about it, of course.  I am not worried, but I would rather not do it.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Think A Dental Should Be Part Of A Vacation

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