Friday, April 29, 2016

We Have Been On The Road For Four Years!

Four years ago today, we left on our "Huge Adventure".   It is hard to be believe that it has been four years!  We have had three different motor homes in that time.


We have been coast to coast a few times.  We created a page of where we have been.  It is not detailed, but Mom wanted to document it because it is getting harder to remember when we have been places.  Our Travel Log

Mom says that living on the road is more stressful than living in a house.  We have to worry about getting places, finding a place to stay for a month or more at a time (can be a challenge), the weather (storms are scary in a home that moves) and when things break, you have to take your entire home to the repair place. There are other stresses, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.  On the other hand, our view changes all the time.  If we don't like a place, we know that it is temporary. Our favorite part is exploring new areas.  We have learned so much about our country. We have also made many friends along the way. 

It has been a fun adventure. How long we will continue?  We don't know.  Life is always changing.

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