Monday, May 2, 2016

It's Been Rainy And Chilly

The weather was beautiful the first three days here.  We enjoyed sitting in our yard and watching the birds.  It was in the 80's on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the temperatures dropped to the 40's and it started raining.  Today, we are actually in the 50's, but it is still raining off and on.  We will have rain until Saturday or Sunday.  Thankfully, it is not raining enough to flood and we haven't had any storms.  We know the south is experiencing much worse weather than us.  It is just depressing when there is a long stretch of raining days.

Rainy days are boring!
We are watching the birds from inside these days.

Since the weather has been nasty, the folks didn't do any sightseeing this past weekend.  They did visit the Snyder's Hanover Outlet Store and they stocked up on snacks.  They also visited Camping World and bought a new grill. The grill we bought for $15 last year wasn't worth the money.  BOL!  It flared up way too much and Mom only used it twice because she burned all the meat.  Dad used it a few more times.  This new grill seems to fit all our needs.  It is sturdy and the lid locks in place.  It has an infrared grill grate instead of the regular one.  It is supposed to heat more evenly and doesn't have flare ups. It does need to be treated with oil, like a cast iron skillet.  Mom didn't now that until she read the instruction.  We used it twice this weekend and so far, so good.  Dad grilled rib eye steaks Saturday night and last night, Mom grilled bison burgers.  It was her first time grilling bison burgers.  The folks visited a bison meat market and the lady explained how to grill them because they don't have much fat and they dry out quickly.  You are supposed to put a little oil on them.  It worked and they were delicious.
Our new grill.

The first rib eye grilled on the new grill
The folks also visited a few restaurants this weekend.  They ate at Primanti Brothers on Saturday.  They ate there a few times last year.

Mozzarella wedges

Burger with pastrami.  Dad's of course.
Yesterday, they ate at Friendly Farms.  They ate here last year and liked it.  The food is served family style.  Everyone gets cottage cheese, peaches, coleslaw, apple butter, sugar rolls (Mom's favorite), regular rolls, green beans, corn and fries.  Each customer orders an entree.  Dad ordered shrimp and a crab cake.  Mom and I had chicken.  I wasn't there, but Mom brought me a piece.

Mom still says the best place for chicken in Stroud's in Kansas City.  They serve food the same way, but you get to take all the leftovers home and they have mashed potatoes and gravy which Mom prefers over fries.  Babe's in Texas is also a good family style place.

We were able to watch the Blues hockey game yesterday.  It was a nice day with the folks.

Asking for treats.  Scout taught me how to wear Mom down.
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