Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Fault?


Dad blamed me for something and I don't think it is fair.  Let me tell you the story.  Last Thursday night, the folks came home from grocery shopping.  I was helping as I usually do by standing in front of the refrigerator eating my dinner.  Scout taught me to block the refrigerator when the folks are putting the groceries away.  :::snicker:::   All of a sudden an alarm went off in the RV.  Mom thought it was the smoke detector.  She tried to stop it, but it didn't stop.  Dad said it was the propane detector.  He got down on the floor where it is located and stopped it.  Mom was concerned that we had a propane leak.  Dad watched the detector for a while and it was normal.  Dad decided it was my fault.  He said, get this, that I passed gas and set it off.  Mom came to my defense and said that I couldn't set it off.  Dad reminded her of a time that they camped with the family and my skin cousin set theirs off in their camper.  His gas was so bad that he actually set it off.  I still don't think I did it, but the detector has not gone off since. 

The Greyhound Who Is Innocent

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