Friday, May 20, 2016

The Sun Is Out!

We are having a beautiful day here!  The high will be in the 70's.  We have been in the 50's with clouds and/or rain.  We haven't seen the sun much in the past month, so Mom said if we got our chores done early, we could sit outside. 

They are filling up the pool today.  They have trucks bring in the water.  We have never seen that before.  The KOA just used a hose.  It lowered our water pressure quite a bit.  This is probably a nice option since they have a well here. They may not want to put too much pressure on it.  It seems like our water pressure gets quite low at times and filling up the pool would have been really hard on it.

Four trucks so far and the water is up to the lights.  Mom thinks it will take two more trucks at least.

This is a view from the pool area/putt putt golf.  You can barely see our RV.

Can you see it?  We are by the first dark leaved tree from the left.

There we are.
We put our awning out today along with our window awnings so that they can get some air before the next round of rain hits.  It is pretty shaded on our site now due to all the trees.  We are having trouble with our satellite at this site.

Tomorrow is the Preakness.  It is held not far from us.  The forecast is an all day rain.  Our campground is having an open house and Old Time Day where they make ice cream, churn butter, offer hayrides, tours of the log cabin and lots of other activities.  Mom had been looking forward to it, but it sounds like it will be a soggy day.  She said she will skip it.

I was all excited about sitting outside today, but I couldn't get a nap in due to the pool trucks buzzing by.  I am going to rest inside for a while and then go back out later.  Mom said she is going to BBQ dinner.

Awww....this is much better.
The Greyhound Who Needs A Nap Before He Lays Outside

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