Thursday, May 12, 2016

We Are Going To Set A New Record!

What record are we going to set?  Well, it is not us actually, it is the area we are currently residing.  It has been raining here.  The record is 17 days and we are going to break that record.  Mom said that we have come this far, so we may as well break it.  Tomorrow will be day 17.  Thankfully, we have not had all day rains.  It is mainly just showers, off and on.  The worse day was last Friday.  The rain was moving in a circle, so it kept coming back to us. Marty, the weather guy, said it was like a boomerang.  Mom was getting down on that day because it did look like it might never end.  We are still running our heat.  Can you believe that?  We had a nice warm winter and now we are running our heat in the spring.  It feels like March instead of May.  It is warmer this week than last, so we are on the right track.

What am I looking at?

The rain.
The folks went to Lancaster, PA last weekend.  I think this was their fourth trip.  Mom wanted to shop at Central Market.  It is the country's oldest continuously running farmers' market. The location has been a farmers' market for 275 years. It was smaller than Mom expected, but it was nice.  It is held indoors.  There is a parking garage across the street from it which made parking easy because the street parking was totally full.  Mom said if we lived in Lancaster, she would probably shop there because they sell meat as well as fruit and vegetables.

They ate at DJ's Taste of the 50's while in Lancaster.  As the name indicates, it is a 50's style restaurant.


The waitresses actually wear "poodle" skirts.  The folks enjoyed eating there.

Loaded fries.
On the way home, they stopped at a pet store that they like.  Last year, they saw a toy that Dad said I would like.  Mom wasn't sure I would like it, so they didn't get it.  Grandma gave me treat money when we visited her in April, so Mom decided I could have that toy, but they no longer carry it.  They found a different one and I really like it.  It squeaks really easily and that is important to me. Mom said it took them about a half hour to pick it. 

Me and my dinosaur.
Mom and I have had to stay inside more than I would like due to the rain. We take long walks when we can.  We went on a walk on Monday that was tougher than I expected.  I chose the route and apparently it was all uphill. I don't know how that happened. Mom and I were both out of breath and tired when we finally made it home. 

A chipmunk
The Greyhound Who Plans To Spend The Rest Of His Treat Money This Weekend

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