Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We've Been Here Before

We left Indiana last Friday.  We had three things repaired while at the Entegra event; our side window was replaced, the windshield wiper arm and new wipers and our garbage can drawer roller.  The windshield wiper and the side window were very important. We had Scout's leash holding the window shut, but there was a gap and wind came in while we were driving.  As we were preparing to depart on Friday, two more things broke.  Another one of the shade motors has died and now the couch which is L shape and part of it has to be locked into place no longer locks.  Nothing major and we were able to secure everything for our drive.  Mom is concerned that the washing machine is going to be inoperative pretty soon.  The door lock is giving out and it takes several tries to get it locked now.  It is probably just a matter of time when it will no longer work.  Mom will be sad.  Dad could probably fix it, but since it is under warranty.....he may want them to do it, which could take a long time.  ::::sigh:::

Our drive to our destination took two days.  We spent nearly $100 in tolls. Crazy! Any guesses where we are? 1) We have been here before.  2) Mom called this a very boring campground.  3) Very few people even talked to us last time and 4) This is where Scout died.  :-(   Mom really didn't want to return here, but there really aren't other places to stay.
Our site last year.

View from our site last year.
We are in Maryland for a third time.

When we called to make reservations this year, they said they only had one site available.  Unfortunately, it was next to the first site we tried to get into last time and there was no way our rig could maneuver the trees.  Mom was concerned that we would be stuck without a place to stay.  Dad reminded her that last year they also told us that there was only one site available and that was not true.  So, we arrived with fingers and paws crossed.  Our site is wooded, but we were able to get our rig into it and WE LOVE IT!  It is amazing how different the place feels this year compared to last.

Our view is of the ball field, pool and dance pad. Yes, that concrete pad is only for dancing. The sign says so.

The brown building is the band wagon. They play music there on weekends and that is why there is a dance area.
Our site is huge! It is probably the biggest site we have ever had. Mom says it is the best site in the whole place.  We put our bird feeders out and we have been sitting out every day.  On weekends, the place is busy, but during the week, it is all but empty.  We have already talked to more people this time than the entire time we were here last year.  I guess since we are in the Chipmunk section, people are friendlier.  The Chipmunk area is made up of people who lease their sites for a year.  Their sites are very well maintained.  No tarps here.  The staff has removed a lot of trees and even the site we couldn't get into last year might be okay now.

The only downside is that our satellite TV is limited due to all the trees.  We are not getting all the satellites, but we do have cable, so we are able to see most everything we want.  I guess you can't have it all.  However, several people have told us that we have a great satellite site. We can't figure out why they think that.  We have trees right over us.

Oh, another downside about being here is the cost of electric.  It is $.24 kilowatt hour.  Dallas was $.12.  We figure our electric bill will be $200, maybe $300.  We will have the help of shade though, so maybe it won't be too bad.  We spent $14 the first two days though.

Mom is happy here, so I am happier too!

Well, except for the leaves.

Wouldn't you think she would help me instead of taking pictures?

This is the third spring we have been through this year.

It was a little chilly the other morning.

People to the side of us. Well maintained sites.
We are close to Gettysburg, but we are not going to GIG.  We didn't have much notice we were coming here, so we couldn't plan for GIG which is this weekend.  Mom said she didn't need the added stress.  She has been feeling a lot of anxiety lately and didn't want to add to it.  She seems better since we are here though and things are calming down.

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