Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Mom and I are sick of the rain.  It started raining on Monday and has not stopped.  Well, it has stopped for a few hours at a time, but still.  They just said that it could rain thru Sunday.  They keep extending it.  Whenever we come back from a walk, Mom dries me off (which I totally enjoy) and then she puts my wet boot, the towel and her shoes in the dryer.  If her pants are really wet, she changes out of them.  We do this about six times a day.  Mom hates it.

Last week or maybe it was the week before, we took pictures of how springy it looked here.  We were lazy and didn't share them before, so here they are:


Last Saturday, the folks took me to a park for a long hike.  We walked for at least two miles.  It was fun.  I was really tired when I got home.

We are busted due to this date stamp.  This was not me being exhausted from our hike.  It is just a photo of me being cute.
This is where we hiked. This river is now supposed to be pretty full thanks to all the rain we had this week.

On Sunday, I got really upset because Dad got out his luggage. I cried and pouted.  Yep, he is on another trip. This is a long trip.  He is in Hawaii.  Mom showed me on the map.  It is a long way away.  His time is four hours different from ours.  Mom said that they tried to figure out how we could all go, but the airline said I had to fly in cargo and Mom said she was scared something would happen to me.  It took Dad 12.5 hours to fly there.   Then, there was talk of me being quarantined and Mom said that she didn't want that to happen and lastly, the hotel doesn't allow dogs.  So, Mom and I stayed behind.

Dad sent Mom a photo of his view:

Mom sent him a picture of her view:


Mom gave me a surprise today, but I will save that for my next post since I really need blog material.  BOL!

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