Friday, August 19, 2016

Not Much Happening

Dad is back home and I am happy.  I was quite upset that he went to work on Monday.  I pouted all day and worried that he might be on another trip.  He took his computer with him and his computer is in a piece of luggage.  I don't like luggage.  When he finally got home, I was so excited that I barked.  I am not suppose to bark.  We are back in our routine now of getting up with an alarm clock and Dad going to work.  Mom and I hang out together.

Panoramic view of sunrise.

The weather has been hot.  Last week, it was really bad.  We had dew points of 82.  That is crazy!  It felt like 110 degrees. We mainly stayed inside and hid from the heat.  Mom was disappointed that they didn't get to do anything after Dad got back from his trip, but it was just too hot.  Every day, Mom watched the radar and waiting for the storms to come and they never did.  We had a couple of quick showers but that was it.  She really wanted rain to cool off our roof.

This week, the weather has been better.  We are in full sun though and our AC runs a lot.  Mom says we are spending about $5 a day on electric.  It could be worse.  We are getting a good rate here.

There isn't too much that goes on here.  The grass is supposed to be cut on Tuesdays, but that didn't happen this week.  We don't know why.  We moved our chairs and other items out of the way, but the grass just continues to grow.

The campground is all but full.  There are some people like us here that are long term, but many of the people are here on vacation.  They are usually gone all day.  People usually stay for three or four days and then they move on.

Mom has taken Buddy out a few times this week. She hasn't drive through any horse poo, but has passed some buggies. Today, she visited the farmers market.  She bought a pecan sticky loaf for tomorrow's breakfast and a jar of pickles from a place she really likes.

More views of the sunrise last week.

Mom continues to do her online job.  I prefer that to cleaning.  Cleaning interrupts my napping.

Mom went to the Minute Clinic last week because she has a rash on her hands.  It started out on just one finger back in May.  It was really bad then.  She tried all sorts of things on it.  She finally decided she had eczema.  She bought cream for it and started using non-perfume soaps.  It basically healed up, but it still itched and hurt. It took two months to clear it up.  Then, she developed an irritation between all her fingers.  It was painful and itched.  After two weeks of that she decided to see the doctor.  The doctor said it is not eczema.  Mom got in trouble for using the Internet to diagnose it.  However, the doctor does not know what it is.  She said it is a reaction to something.  Mom was given a steroid cream and by the next day, she was feeling better.  Today, she cleaned the bathroom with a mixture of Dawn and vinegar and her hands are hurting again. She washed them good and put the cream on them.  She was thinking that the hair dye she used might have been the cause, but now she thinks it could be the cleaner.  She will either need to stop using it or use gloves when using it. Dad doesn't agree that she should not be doing dishes and cleaning.  BOL!

Today, she visited the farmers market.  She bought a pecan sticky loaf for tomorrow's breakfast and a jar of pickles from a place she really likes.

Oh, I just thought of something funny that happened.  The folks were watching a woman give her husband hand signals to help him back their motor home into their spot.  Her signals made no sense at all.  It reminded Mom of the time that Grandma directed Grandpa into a spot, but she was really trying to wave gnats away from her face.  Her hands were going in every direction and Grandpa didn't know what she wanted him to do. BOL!  Sorry, Grandma, but you thought that was pretty funny. Grandpa didn't, but you did.  BOL!  Anyway, this lady had several hand signals but that were all strange.  Her husband didn't pay attention to her anyway.  The sites are tight so it is interesting to watch people get into them.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like An Alarm Waking Him.

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