Sunday, August 7, 2016

Relaxing In Lancaster County

We enjoyed our stay in the Boston area.  We stayed at a KOA and had a premium site. That is all that was left when we made our reservation.  It was hard getting into our site due to the sites across from us having cars parked in our way.  We ended up having to move to another site on Tuesday because we extended our stay and our site was already rented out.  It turned out to be a good thing that we moved because we were put in a pull-thru site that was much easier to get out of when we left on Wednesday.

Our premium site. We had a nice patio, a table and chairs and a swing.

Here I am preparing the coach for take-off. The carpet is rolled up so that our walls can move in.

We left Wednesday morning at 6:45 a.m.  We quickly made our way through several states.

 Dad had planned out our trip the night before, but our GPS decided to make some changes overnight and we ended up going a different way.  It turned out that we avoided $70 in toll charges, but we ended up being delayed an hour due to construction. Mom was nervous because she had to read the map and determine if the route was okay for us.

We are going to get a different GPS.  The one we have came with the RV and it is really difficult to alter the routes it gives you.  Dad doesn't like that the GPS screen changes to a camera when he turns his signal on. They saw the one that they want at Escapade and Mom is going to order it.  We will be able to plan our routes on the computer and transfer it to the GPS.

We arrived in Lancaster County after 4 p.m.

This is our view from our windshield.  

This is one of our neighbors.

Amish farms are on three sides of us.

The dog walk has a fire hydrant.

Scenery at the dump station.

Another view from our window.

Hot air balloons are seen daily here.

We have horses, a cow, pigs, chickens and donkeys here.

The campground is really small.  The owners are super nice and always say "HI JOEY!" whenever they see me.  I wish the place was a little bigger for walking.  I am not allowed to "water" the trees.  Mom doesn't understand that because the trees are large, not baby trees.

I think the owners picked out our site just for us since we are going to be here for three months. We have a nice view and we have the morning sun in our windshield and not the afternoon sun.That is a good thing except when it is cold.  We don't have anyone on our door side because there is a well house there. They owners talk to us every day when they see us out on our walks and they check to make sure everything is okay with our site.

This trip really wore me out.

Enjoying my new yard.
Dad is in Chicago for the next few days.  Mom said it is nice being in a place where if she has any problems, she can go to the owners and they will definitely help us.

There is a ton of shopping just a little over a mile away.  This is where Mom and Dad used to come to shop at the outlet mall when we were in Maryland.

Mom will be able to ride Buddy here, but she will have to watch out for horse poo on the roads.  Yep, there is a lot of poo on the roads here.

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