Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Bucket List Item Crossed Off Our List

We have done a lot of re-arranging of our travel plans on this trip.  We weren't supposed to come to Boston and the folks decided to squeeze that into our trip.  We were supposed to visit Grand Rapids, MI and that has been canceled.  We were able to see the JFK Library, but now we are not seeing the President Ford Library.

So, yesterday, the folks visited the JFK Library/Museum.  Mom really never thought she would make it there because it is so far up the coast.

The only downside to visiting the museum was the weather was gloomy.  The view of the bay was terrible due to the rainy day.

The tour starts out with a 20 minute movie about John F. Kennedy's life up until he was elected to senate.  The doors open up to what looks like a little town with store windows showing how life was in the 50's.

This is the Kennedy family Bible.  Kennedy was sworn into office with this Bible.

As you can see, the museum is very elegant.  It is comprised of many rooms.

A dress that Jackie wore to a dinner.

Replica of Kennedy's desk.  The rocker was his.

Kennedy's rocker

Outfit that Jackie wore when she taped a tour of the White House for TV.
Mom felt the museum ended suddenly.  There was a hall with small TV screens and it played the shooting in Dallas, the news bulletin of the shooting and death and parts of the funeral.  It was all in black and white, of course.  There was nothing more.  Mom expected pictures that she has seen elsewhere of Johnson being sworn in and pictures from the funeral.  There was nothing.  Mrs. Kennedy must have wanted it to end suddenly just like his life ended.

The museum has a replica of Robert Kennedy's office.  He was the attorney general while JFK was President.  It is unusual for something like that to be included in a Presidential museum, but again, we think it was Jackie's decision to include it.

The next room is an atrium that probably has a beautiful view on most days.  It was hard to see the harbor due to the rain.

JFK's boat.

The folks were getting ready to leave when they walked into a talk being given about JFK and PT 109.  The folks had never heard about PT 109.  JFK was in charge of a boat during WWII.  It was basically split in half by a Japanese destroyer.  The crew was presumed dead.  A memorial service was even held.  They were all injured and two were killed. Kennedy was a true hero.  He swam for miles trying to get help.  Finally, he came across two native boys who did not speak English.  He wrote a message for them to deliver to an Australian that they worked for on a coconut. They were finally rescued after six days.  You can read about it here.  PT 109

The coconut.

This is what he wrote on the coconut.
The folks thought the museum was nice, but small.  Most museums show what the President has done since he left office, but since Kennedy died in office and only served three years, there really wasn't a lot to show.  That is sad.

The admission is $14 a person.

Today, the folks visited Plymouth, MA.  We will write about that next time.

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