Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lizzie Borden's House

The folks visited the Lizzie Borden's House.  If you are not sure who Lizzie is, this article will help you.  Lizzie Borden   She was put on trial for the murders of her stepmother and father.  Did she do it?  Probably.  There were a few other people who could have done it, but her story was conflicting. Her father did have a lot of enemies though.

Before the tour, guests wait in the museum store and for entertainment watch The Legend of Lizzie Borden in which Elizabeth Montgomery starred.  There are many odd items that can be purchased in the store such as a Lizzie Borden bobblehead.

Mom said a few of the people on her tour were scared because the house is said to be haunted.  One man refused to go inside. 

The tour guide was very animated and gave a really good tour.  She really enjoys talking about Lizzie and it shows.  The tour is $18 a person.  That is bit high but the reviews were excellent, so the folks went and they really enjoyed it.

The house where the murders took place.
Basically, all the furniture in the house is not original.  The house was lived in by another family for many years. The door knobs are original and when people on the tour were told if they touched the door knob, they were touching a spot where Lizzie touched.  They freaked!  The house is now a bed and breakfast.  The owner did her best to furnish it like it was back when the Bordens' lived there.  The guests that stay in the bed and breakfast are given a tour at night.  Spooky!  Mom said she would not stay there.

Replicas of the skulls of her step mom and father.


Photos of Lizzie


A replica of the couch where her father was killed.  It really is a good match.

Actual crime scene photo of her father. Mom used a magnifying glass to get a close up look.
This was only the second case where they took crime scene photos. The first one was Jack The Ripper.
This room is where the step Mom's body was taken for the autopsy.  They wanted to make sure she was not poisoned.  It was obvious how she died, but she had reported feeling ill earlier in the day.

The step mother was the first one killed.  After the father was found, the housekeepers went upstairs to find the step mother.  They could see on her on the floor from the staircase.  One of the tour guests played the dead body.  You can see her laying on the floor.

Here she is again.  BOL!  That freaked some of the people out.

Crime scene photo.  It looks like she is on her knees, but it is just her skirt lifting her up.

Mom doesn't know what the glowing thing is on the dresser.  She looked at some other photos online and hasn't found it.  Spooky!

Elizabeth Montgomery playing Lizzie in movie.

Dress that Elizabeth Montgomery wore.

Room that can be rented.  This was Lizzie's room at one time.

The parents' room also available to rent.

Housekeepers room

Not the original stove, but Lizzie did burn her dress in this kitchen.  She said it was covered in paint.
Lizzie was acquitted of the murders.  It was an all male juror and women back then were thought to be weak.  If they knew about testing DNA we probably would know if Lizzie was guilty or innocent.
Her father was rich but cheap. They did not have indoor plumbing or electric even though he could have easily afforded it.  Lizzie resented that.  She and her sister inherited all his money after he died.  She and her sister bought a much nicer house nearby and lived together for a while.  They died within nine days of each other.  Before Lizzie died, she asked the Animal Rescue League of Fall River to take care of her three Boston Terriers when she died. She told them she would leave money in her will to them.  They received $50,000 from Lizzie and her sister.  Reports say that the organization is still receiving money each year from her trust.

In Other News

One of our blogging friends, Dip of Sketching With Dogs, has gone to the Bridge.  Dip's Mom sent us an email and told us the sad news.  She was a sweet girl and is sadly missed by her family.  I bet Scout was there to say hello to her.

Mom is working on our computer.  She refreshed the files which is not totally reinstalling Windows, but we lost just about everything by doing it.  We are not sure if it has fixed our problem because we have free wi-fi here and are not using our own.  The wi-fi here is really slow. Our Verizon is not much better.  Our AT&T phones are barely getting a signal.  It is frustrating for the folks.

We found a place to stay until November.  We will be back in the Lancaster, PA area.  Mom is excited because she loves that area.  Amish farms are all around the campground.

Today, the folks visited the JFK Library.  It was on Mom's Bucket List.  We will post about that next time.

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