Saturday, July 30, 2016

We Are In A Pickle

I am not sure what that means, but that is what Mom said.  We are having major computer issues, so this will be our last post until we get it fixed.  We need to reinstall windows because something is causing our data usage to go sky high again.  The problem is that we can't find our Windows CD and we can't download it because it uses too much data.  We are using the free Wi-Fi here at the campground to do this blog, but we got kicked off last night because we were using too much, so our time is definitely limited this a.m.

We are having troubles finding someplace to stay near Philly and Mom is starting to freak out.  We need a place by this Wednesday and it needs to be until the end of October, then we have to take the RV to Indiana for repairs and we will be living in a motel for three weeks. 

The phone service here is bad and with limited Wi-Fi, it is hard to look for campgrounds.  Hopefully we find something today so that Mom can chill.

The Escapade ended on Thursday.  I was in the pet parade and the CEO said that I made his whole Escapade.  He said I was the Best In Show.  I didn't get anything for it, but the paparazzi was all over the place.  Everyone wanted my photo.  One lady said that I wasn't a full greyhound. She argued with Mom about that.  Another lady said that I wasn't a boy.  EXCUSE ME? 

This is Lee.  She is a girl.  I checked.

Kind of looks like me and Scout, doesn't it?

 Lee and her Dad won the grand prize at the Escapade. They will be going on a huge trip!

I'll be back when Mom gets the computer fixed.

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