Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Mom had mixed feelings about leaving here.  She LOVES the area  She loves Pennsylvania.  I think if their winters were a little better, this is where she would want to live.  She doesn't love this campground however.  We have a great site, but the office workers and owner are not friendly at all.  We only have to deal with them every two weeks.  We have to go in and pay our electric bill every two weeks because we are "WORKERS".  They say it in such a negative way.  We are not workers for them, but we are not here for leisure so we are called WORKERS.

Monday night, Dad had to go to Washington DC for a dinner.  It was a two hour drive each way.  He didn't get home until after midnight.  Mom and I went for a walk and our neighbors stopped us.  They told us that they saw a RAT walk on our sewer line and it climbed into our compartment that has the sewer connection.  YIKES!  The neighbor asked Mom if she wanted him to see if he was still there and she said yes.  He opened the compartment and looked inside, but didn't see him.  We checked it out and didn't see a way for him to get inside our RV, but they are good at squeezing into small areas.

Here I am waiting and watching for Dad to come home.
We talked to our neighbors for quite a while.  The rat has been under their BBQ cover. The neighbor accidentally discovered him.  They are going to put traps out since they are going to be here until November.  We think the rat probably lives under the porch of the people behind us.  They have a very messy place.  We are surprised they are not told to clean it up.  Yeah, rats, mice and other things could definitely be living in that mess.  Mom thought about telling the owner, but we would probably be the ones banned from here and not the messy people.  She does things like that. We may need to come back here, so we need to be careful.

Mom asked Dad if the rat could get inside.  He said it wouldn't be easy, but yes, he could.  She couldn't sleep Monday night.  She was scared to turn the lights off thinking that the rat would appear and crawl all over her while she was sleeping.  Tuesday morning, Dad said he didn't say that about the rat.  We don't know what to believe now.  We think we saw the rat under the RV Tuesday evening, but we are not sure.  Mom got down on her knees and didn't see him.  Then she had trouble getting back up.  It's a good thing he wasn't there because she would have fallen on her butt.  BOL!

Mom is no longer sad about leaving thanks to the rat.  She and Dad actually starting putting our outdoor things away last night because it is supposed to rain the rest of the week.  We just have to hope the rat has not chewed on any wires.  That could be bad.

Remember our big mushroom?

It was so pretty last week.

This is how it looks today.
We may be making a change to our vacation plans.  Dad wanted to stop at an RV place in Michigan but they do not have any appointments available.  That gives us about five extra days.  I think we are going to go to Boston to see the JFK Library.  We should call this our Presidential Library vacation because we will see three.  The only one we will have left after this trip is Clinton's.  Yes, we have not seen Clinton's even though we are from Missouri and it is in Arkansas.  BOL!

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