Monday, July 11, 2016

I Went To A Concert!


 Elvis came to our campground on July 3rd.  Since our site was across from the "concert", I was able to attend.  Last year, Mom and I got kicked out of the concert.  We were told "NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED!"  We thought that was really rude since Elvis likes Hound Dogs.  This year they couldn't kick me out because I was in my own site.  Ha!

Elvis did a warm-up act.  Mom got a couple of pictures of him.  He looks different than the photos I have seen.  A few years ago, I was at Graceland!  I sniffed the gate. That was a fun time.  Mom and I like Elvis, but Dad is not a fan.


This was our view from our site.
There was a band that appeared before Elvis and Dad liked them. They sang songs from the 70's and 80's.    We watched Elvis before he went on stage.  He was really nervous.

Finally, it was time for Elvis to start singing. He did a good job.

Chillin' during the concert.

Elvis dancing with a fan.  Notice they are dancing on the pad that is for dancing only.  It finally got some use.

People seemed to enjoy the show.  They turned their golf carts headlights on and off to show they liked the show.  I went to bed at 9 p.m., but the show continued well past my bedtime.


Mom recently shrunk a brand new shirt.  She was not happy. It was the second new shirt that she has shrunk.  She decided to do some research and found a way to unshrink her clothes.  She did it and it worked!  However, she just discovered that she put one of those shirts in the dryer and she shrunk it again. She is now going through the process of fixing it.  Here is the link if you are interested.  How To Unshrink Clothes


Still Working

 Mom is still doing her online job.  It keeps her quiet during the day which means I can nap.  


She received her Amazon order.  It was delivered to the UPS store. She is happy with her new skillet and shoes.  Actually, she hasn't used the new skillet yet because she has fallen in love with her cast iron skillet.  She signed up for a free class online and found the cast iron is really easy to clean. The instructor said to use soap and water to clean it.  Mom has done that in the past, but thought she needed to re-season it after using soap and water.  You do not have to do that.  You just need to dry it really well. 


Getting Ready To Move On

We will be leaving this area on Saturday.  Dad starts a three week vacation.  We will be headed to New York to see FDR's museum and home. We will then head to Vermont to buy some maple syrup and to attend the Escapade!  Escapade is Escapees rally.  After that, we are headed to Grand Rapids to tour President Ford's museum.

Remembering Scout

Mom has had a hard time being here.  This is where we were when Scout died.  Mom hates walking past the site that we were in last year.  Scout was only here for nine days, so it shouldn't bother Mom, but it does.  This Friday, July 15th, is the anniversary of Scout's death.  We have no plans to do a special blog post about her because it upsets Mom too much, but that doesn't mean that we will not be thinking of her and remembering.

 We miss you Scout!!!



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