Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shelburne Museum

Today the folks visited the Shelburne Museum.  It is an unique museum that has 39 buildings on 45 acres. Many of the buildings were moved to the grounds.  The most unusual items are a steamboat and a lighthouse.

Monet painting - very light

Monet painting - again very faint

The last drop.  Rider gives his horse his last drop of water.

Lighthouse that used to be at Lake Champlain
Photo of lighthouse as it sat in Lake Champlain

Dining room on boat

Another photo inside boat.

Wheel house.

Bear in log cabin.

There is one building dedicated to the circus.

Took 40 years for one man to do this.

It took 20 years for six people to make all the figurines that are in the windows on this wall.  Close-ups of a few follow.


This is inside the general store where you could buy anything.

There were lots of wagons and sleighs.

School bus sleigh.

Gypsy carriage

Horses wore these nets to keep the flies away.

There were so amazing quilts.

This is a quilt!

The folks found some greyhounds!

He is either over a very large rabbit or another grey.

Glass canes.

School house

Dual lane covered bridge with a walkway.

Meeting room
 It is a nice place to visit.  The folks said they were worn out after only four hours.  Their feet hurt. Mom didn't take photos of every building.  They didn't spend a lot of time looking at anything just because they didn't want to do so.

The ticket price is kind of high.  $24 a person, but it is good for two days.  The folks found a coupon for $2 off and used that.  There is a lot of maintenance to the place, so that is why the price is so much.   They ate lunch there and that was $20.

Yep, that is my souvenir.
It's mine Dad, I can eat it!

The Greyhound Who Likes This Park For Ease Of Walking

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