Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekenders Are Out In Full Force

Our park is already busy with weekenders. We have seen a steady stream of campers buzz past our site since Wednesday.  It seems that many people are getting a jump on the holiday weekend. 

A Leak

I think the folks are going to be close to home this weekend.  Dad has to work on a water leak we have.  We had a heavy rain this week and all at once Mom started feeling rain on her while she was sitting in the recliner.  She looked up and saw water coming through the spot where our antenna is connected.  Mom put a bucket under it because holding a towel up to it was not working.

See the drop. It was a steady stream.

Water Issues

 We didn't have water Tuesday night into Wednesday.  They have been having well issues here.  The folks had to take cold showers on Wednesday because the hot water didn't have any pressure at all.  Dad thought it might be a problem of ours since we had cold water but not hot. He thought our lines might be clogged.  He planned on flushing them out this weekend, but then the water was back to normal by Wednesday afternoon. The folks are very happy that it is fixed.

The Jeep

Dad took the Jeep in on Monday because the transmission is acting up.  We had it replaced last year in California and it is downshifting hard.  There is also a knocking noise coming from the engine.  Dad had to rent a car.  He ended up with an Expedition.  That thing was huge!  Dad got irritated with the repair shop because they never called to tell him anything.  He called them on Wednesday and didn't get a response.  He called yesterday and they said there was nothing wrong with it.  He was pretty upset and Dad doesn't get angry. He told them he was going to drive it and he would be back in an hour to show them what it does.  He thought maybe it needed to get warm for it to happen.  He drove it for two hours and it didn't do it.  It did do it on his way home from work though and when they went grocery shopping last night.  BOL!  He said the people were never ever nice even when he dropped it off.  They changed the oil. Our total bill was $18 which was shocking.  They said oil prices were half off this week.  We doubt they put high mileage oil in it like we do.  They also washed it and I have to say that I never seen it look so nice.  We can see every hail ding in it now.  We were surprised they didn't charge us for looking at it.  The rental car was $200.  Mom was anxious about the rental car because it was $400 a week.  We are not going to go back because we are only here for two more weeks and they probably wouldn't get it fixed before we left.

 Our Site

This is growing in our site.

Last week.

It looks like coral.  Dad looked it up and it is okay to eat.  Mom said that you can't believe everything that you read on the Internet.  She said we will just admire it and not eat it.


Mom is still really enjoying her "job".  She has almost made double what her goal was for this week.  She calls it her "fun money" because she spends it on fun stuff.  It looks like she will be buying an attachment for the central vac system because she broke her vacuum this week. She lifted up on the canister and the lid broke off.  Dad said he will look at it, but it is probably best if she just uses the central vac.  The other vacuum takes up space in Dad's closet and he is not happy about that.  (Mom doesn't have a closet, just saying. BOL)  Mom doesn't like the central vac because it doesn't have a good attachment for the rugs, so that is what she will be buying.  It hurts her back to use it.  She doesn't consider that a fun buy because she hates cleaning.  I hate the vacuum and I am not fond of the central vac either. One time Mom was using the central vac and it disconnected from the wall and shot straight up to the front of the RV.  :-O

Amazon Order

Mom placed an order with Amazon last weekend with her "fun money".  She ordered a new pair of Skechers and a T-fal skillet that works with the induction cook top. She had it shipped to the UPS store because we can't have anything shipped to us here.  Well, Amazon shipped it via FedEx.  Mom contacted Amazon and asked them if FedEx would deliver it to the UPS store because she thought they would only deliver if it was shipped by UPS. The lady checked and said that it wouldn't be a problem.  We have it in writing, so we will see.  It will not arrive until late next week.  Mom thought about having it re-routed to a FedEx store, but didn't want to tamper with it since Amazon said it will be fine.


Elvis will be here on Sunday night performing from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  He will be right across from our site.  I am sure we will hear him from inside the RV.  He will have us up past our bedtime.  It will be fun though.

Holiday Weekend

Hope you all have a nice and safe holiday weekend.  I am just going to chill with my folks. 

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