Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When In Vermont....

What do you do in Vermont? 

The first thing you do is make sure you have a blanket because it was chilly this morning.  BOL!

Then be prepared to make some tough decisions.  Just look at what they do to confuse their dogs here:

Seriously, when you are in Vermont, you have to buy maple syrup.  The folks drove out to a place where they make their own syrup. They sell cheese, sausage, jellies and syrup. 

A huge syrup jug is on their front porch.

Mom bought some, of course.
 They bought me a biscuit, but Dad said it is a souvenir and I am supposed to save it. Stay tuned!

They then ate lunch at a place that they had a gift card for so their lunch was free. They have enough left on the gift card to go back again.

They sat outside to eat. 
 The restaurant is in an area where there are just restaurants and shops .

After lunch, they took a tour at Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. The folks have never had Ben & Jerry's before.

The tour is $4 a person and at the end of the tour, you are given about a half of a scoop of ice cream as a sample.  The folks went ahead and bought a scoop of the maple walnut ice cream that is only served at that location.  It was almost $5. The tour wasn't anything exciting.  They did see ice cream being made, but they just stood in one room and looked down from the platform.  Many of the visitors were rude. They pushed and shoved.  They wanted their ice cream sample. 

There is a graveyard for all the ice cream flavors that have been buried.

I received another souvenir.  Mom is going to give it to me when Dad is not around.  Shhhh!

There are several people from our Escapees Club that are here at our campground as we are just a few miles from were our rally is being held.

Our site.

Me this morning.  I know I look the same in all my outdoor photos, but you have to trust me, this is from this morning after it warmed up. 
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