Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Escapade 2016

The weather here in Essex, VT has greatly improved.  It is much cooler than on Saturday.  I think it will be near 90 today, but there are lots of clouds.

Opening ceremonies were on Sunday at 3 p.m.  Mom was thrilled when she met Kay Peterson.  She and her husband are the co-founders of Escapees.  She is now 89 years old and such an inspiration.  She spoke at the opening ceremonies.  Kay gave the folks a big hug.  Kay's daughter Cathie has been the president of the club for several years, but the torch was passed to her son, Travis and his wife, Melanie at the opening ceremony.  The folks went to a social last night and they spoke with Cathie for quite a while and received hugs from Travis and Melanie.  Hugging is big at Escapades.

Kay Peterson speaking at opening ceremonies.

Sunday night there was entertainment.  It was good, but the sound system wasn't working the best.  Mom couldn't understand the punchline.

Yesterday, the classes began.  Mom took four classes.

Last night, they went to the Xscapers social.  They are part of Xscapers which  is a "branch" of Escapees.  It is for anyone, but the main focus are those who are working and living on the road.  Basically, is it the younger generation.  Mom doesn't really like socials, but Dad wanted to go.  She had a nice time speaking with Cathie, Travis and Melanie.  She was excited to meet a person that she has only seen online. Either the woman is shy or just didn't want to talk to Mom because she was not very social. Didn't want to talk at all. Mom left feeling sad and wondering what she said wrong. Dad said not to take it personally.  He said that Joey is more social on the blog than in person too.  Wait...what?

The folks then attended another night of entertainment.  As they looked around, they realized they were the youngest in the audience.  I guess the Xscapers decided to stay at the social.  Much of the music was from the 40's - 60's.  They did sing some disco songs, but those did not go over well.  Mom laughed because some of the people were dancing, but when "The Hustle" was played, they didn't know how to do it. The solo group had the most fun. They danced a lot.

The Marlins

The Marlins singing country songs.

There is another greyhound here.  Her name is Lee.  She is 12.  She is a brindle with a white face.  That girl has energy.  We have seen her running around.  She prances when she walks.  Dad took a real liking to her.  I didn't like that.
We have a pet parade on Thursday.  I am going to wear my Halloween costume again.  It got lots of laughs the last time. 

We found out that someone has stolen our credit card number.  They had a nice dinner last night in California at a Chevy's.  They spent $225.  The credit card company noticed there was an issue and let us know.  

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