Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Weekend Of Shopping, Eating And History

The folks were gone for a good part of this weekend.  The weather was nice and our time here is coming to an end, so they are trying to get things done that they have wanted to see or do.

Now, we thought about how to tell you where they went on Saturday. It was nothing bad, but Dad thought the name might cause us to get a lot of unwanted attention.  Mom told him that she turned off the comment and contact section several weeks ago due to some issues, so we should be fine.  They went to this place called Kitchen Kettle Village in INTERCOURSE, PA.  BOL!   They promote it as being in Lancaster County, not the city it is in. I wonder why?  Mom said they had a great time.  The village is made up of little shops.  They have a meat and cheese store, jams and jellies store and olive oil store among many other shops.  There are numerous samples at the stores and it sounds like the folks ate their way around all the stores.  Mom said all the food was great, but they did not buy anything.  They couldn't decide what they wanted.  Mom loved the salsas and pickles and the spreads were good too.  The meat and cheeses were pricey and since they had another stop to make, they didn't want those getting hot in the car, so they didn't buy a thing. 

The jam and jelly store.

Mom's chicken sandwich with coleslaw that she had for lunch. This was at Kling House.

The village.


Pennsylvania is written on this shirt. It is just really small.  I don't get it. 
They then went to the outlet mall and Mom bought clothes at her favorite store, CJ Banks. 

They came home and walked me and spent some quality time with me and left again.  They had dinner at this small cafe in a town near us.  They claim their broasted chicken is the best in town.  It is probably the only place in town that makes it since it is a small town.  Broasted chicken is popular in this area.  Mom tried it.  It was good, but she has had better.  I tried it and didn't complain.

Broasted Chicken
 They then went to a yogurt shop.  It is the kind where you add all the toppings your want for $.49 an ounce.

Mom said it was good, but I didn't get any of it.

Today, they went to Tudor Hall.  Tudor Hall is the boyhood home of John Wilkes Booth.  He is the guy who killed President Lincoln. 

The house is not decorated.  It is being turned into a museum, so it is mainly just pictures.

The tour does not focus on John Wilkes Booth, but more of his family and namely his father.  His father was an actor in England.  He had a wife and two children, but his daughter died.  He also had a mistress.  He told his wife that he was coming to America to act.  She did not know about the mistress who was pregnant.  They married, but it wasn't legal since he had another wife. They came to the US and he had ten more children with here.  Four of the children died.  He was a successful actor and sent money home to his other family.  His wife did not find about his second family for 28 years.  Apparently, he did visit his wife in England.  His first wife sent their son to America to find him and his father kept the second family a secret for three years but then the son found out the truth and told his Mom.  The first wife came over and told everyone she could about her husband and the other woman. She was not kind when it came to the second wife.  It is thought that the second wife didn't know about the first family until this time.  He finally divorced the first wife and then he married the second wife for real. 

Notice the balcony?  The children did perform on the balcony as acting was big in the family.

The grounds

John Wilkes Booth

Family photos

John and his youngest brother.

The father, Junius Brutus Booth, never actually lived in this house because it was under construction when he died.  He did live in a log cabin on the property with his second wife, 10 children, his sister (who blackmailed him concerning keeping quiet about his two wives),  her husband and their eight kids and a few slaves that he leased.  He did not believe in owning slaves and he granted their freedom when they worked for him for five years.  He also did not believe in killing animals, but sent them elsewhere to be slaughtered.  He only burned trees if they were dead.  In the winter time, the family lived in Baltimore city because it was warmer and then came back to Bel Air in the summer.

 The folks said the tour was interesting.  There was a guide who told the history of the family.  The tour lasted 45 minutes and it was $5 a person.  As usual, Mom left with many questions and will probably do more research.

The folks ate lunch at a place called the Lodge Restaurant and Bar. 

Look at the size of the teas!
Some of the chairs are like sky lift chairs.  Mom was rocking in hers.

A picture of the sky lift chairs. Hard to see in the photo.

Mozzarella kabobs

 Mom had a burger. She hasn't had red meat in a week and she needed it.  It was a burger with a fried mushroom on top. She liked it, but didn't take any photos.  I hd a bite of it minus the mushroom.  It was good!

The restaurant is nice but you have to walk through the outside bar area which gets really rowdy so that probably discourages inside diners.  The outside area had a dress code and the things listed on it makes Mom think they have had some problems. 

I guess that pretty much wraps up our weekend.  Hope yours was good!  I hope there are not too many typos.  I need to take a walk.  My legs are crossed.

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