Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Car Show, Hurt Foot and Power Outage

Car Show

We were pretty excited about the car and motorcycle show that was in our campground last Saturday.  Our site is right across from where it was held, so we had a good view.  The folks decided to stay home so that they could attend. Unfortunately, not many cars or motorcycles came.  It was an overcast morning, so maybe people didn't want to bring their cars out. Mom thought about showing off Buddy, but she didn't.  She might have won the contest since not many bikes were entered.  The campground only allows motorcycles to be ridden in the park the weekend of the car and motorcycle show.  Mom didn't see anyone riding around, so she didn't ride Buddy.

The poster said there would be lots of vendors.  One vendor showed up. She sold jewelry, we think.  We didn't even look.

A view of the car show from our site.

Setting up the Redneck Games

They said it was going to be a mechanical bull, but it was this.  People had to try and stay standing while that arm tried to hit them.

Not many cars.

Did people obey the sign? Nope, we saw a few dogs beyond this sign. I followed the rules.
They are really big about not allowing dogs at any of the public gatherings.  Last year, I was laying in the field listening to Elvis.  We were told I had to leave.  :-P   This year, I can sit in my own site and watch him as he will be performing right across the street from us.  I have even "attended" church here because they hold the service across from our site on Sundays.

We were disappointed in the car show. They were supposed to have several redneck games such as throwing toilet seats and toilet paper, but that didn't happen.

Saturday night, the folk ate dinner at El Rodeo.  The food was really good according to Mom.

Hurt Foot

On Sunday, I hurt my foot while coming down the RV steps.  I came down too fast and stubbed my foot.  It was my bad foot, so it wasn't that terrible. I am good not using that one. Later in the morning, Mom tried to put my boot on me and I did the GSOD "greyhound scream of death" which scared her, of course.  I was allowed to be bootless for the next two days, but I am back to wearing my boot when we go for long walks.

The folks ate lunch at Glen Rock Mill Inn.  It used to be a mill. It was built in 1837.

That is not a fireplace, it is a fountain.  The water comes from the spring that runs underneath the restaurant.

 Mom likes eating at places like this because of the history. She said that it smelled though.  It smelled because it is old. 

Appetizer: Southwest Rolls - The folks really liked these.

Cheese burger with onion tangles and fried.  Mom said it was good.  She did not bring me any home.
Dad had a crab omelet.  He said he couldn't taste the crab.  The waitress was friendly, but it took a very long time to get the food. The folks were the only ones there when they placed their order and it took a very long time. 


After they got home, we had a quick moving storm.  The wind blew really hard. Our electric went out. Mom decided to go out and pick up dinner.  When she left, the security gate was up.  She scanned her gate card, but it didn't beep.  When she came back with the food, the gates were down and her gate card wouldn't work.  The office closed two hours early, so she had to park the car and walk home.  The gate cards are really touchy.  If you don't do everything just right, you are locked in or out.  The next morning, Dad had to walk to the car and then leave work early to get the card fixed. It is working again.

Several trees came down during the storm.

 Other Stuff

See the chipmunk at the top of the sign?

Mom has been watching the DC eagles online.  Freedom fledged on Sunday.  Liberty hasn't yet, but he is flying from limb to limb.  He dropped past the camera once and Mom screamed.  He is okay though.  I think watching them is boring.

I am more interesting to watch than an eagle.
The Greyhound Who Is Cuter Than An Eagle

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