Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Harley Davidson Tour

The folks have been wanting to tour the Harley Davidson factory for a long time.  Unfortunately, the tours are during the week.  A few Saturdays out of the year, they let people in for tours.  This past Saturday was one of those days.  Most of the factory was shutdown, but there were some workers making fenders and testing bikes.

When you arrive at the factory, you are asked to fill out an information sheet and are given a tour time.  You are then free to look at and sit on bikes that are on display.

The tour begins with a video about the history of Harley Davidson.  Guests are then given protective glasses to wear and an audio pack so that they can hear the tour guide.  Two employees are on the tour.  One is the guide and the other is making sure all the guests follow the rules.  No cameras are allowed and you must stay in the yellow lines while walking on the tour.  Mom said she has never seen a place that is so strict on following the rules.  Even though there was not much going on, the employee made sure that everyone stayed within the yellow lines.  They were told that if they were caught taking photos, they would be removed immediately.  Mom says she is sure they would follow through on that.

The tour was pretty interesting.  A bike can be made in three hours.  That does not include the time it takes to paint it though.  The painting is done ahead of time and the assembly takes three hours.

They ate lunch at Aroogas. 

Lots of TVs at Arroogas.

Mom had a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel and onion rings.

Dad had a mac and cheeseburger and fries.
After the folks got home, we sat outside.  There was a truck and tractor show across from our site.


Old tractor.  It made lots of noise.

The mechanical bull was busy bucking people off of him.

I am a cute as ever.  BOL!
On Father's Day, Dad's Dad was in town.  The folks were gone all day!  I don't know what they did, but I got some chicken from their day out.  It was good.  Mom knows better than to come home empty handed after being gone all day.

Mom has been busy making a little pocket change taking surveys and doing other small jobs on the Internet.  She said it is fun to do.  She had another job posting on forums, but the most she could make was $1.40 a day and she had a boss and commitments.  She said that wasn't worth it for the low pay.  She likes what she is doing better now.  She just does it when she wants to which seems to be a lot.  She is not bothering me, so I am happy.

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