Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Day Trip To Annapolis, MD

This past weekend was pretty busy.  Mom got her haircut and she finally bought new lawn chairs.  She has been looking for over a year.  You see, she has had a folding chaise lounge chair for eight years or so.  She loved it, but it is a pain to put away in the RV basement.  It is not the kind that can just set out in the rain, so she had to put it away all the time.  She bought a cover for it but that was a pain and every time she uncovered it, she would find bugs.  She came up with the idea that they could get chairs that are hard plastic and they could leave those out.  The problem was storage.  She decided the chairs could go in the back of the Jeep on travel days.  They looked at adirondack chairs but they felt flimsy.  They ended up buying these:

They even have cup holders.  I think that is what sold Dad.
Mom also bought a new printer.  She needed ink for her old printer, but it was $38.  The new printer was on clearance for $20.  She has been wanting a new printer since the day we set out on our "huge adventure" and the printer fell about 20 minutes into travels and part of it broke.  We could still use it, but it had issues. The new printer is wireless, but Mom doesn't know how much she will really use that feature. 

On Sunday, the folks took a day trip to Annapolis, MD.  They toured the Naval Academy.   It is huge!  Students attend for four years and then, Mom thinks, they commit to six years of service.  Mom said it looks really hard and it really is a big achievement when they graduate.  They are officers when they graduate.

Mom was surprised by how crowded Annapolis is.  It wasn't full of people as much as the streets are narrow with parking on both sides.  They took a trolley tour and the driver had problems in some areas.

The trolley

The Naval Academy is across the water.
 Not sure if you can see it in the above picture, but all flag poles with the Maryland flag are supposed to have a cross at the top.  The tour guide pointed out one across from the one in the photo that doesn't have it and he said it is illegal.

This is the WWII memorial.

This was across from where they parked.  The capitol is in the background.

Ego Alley - it is supposed to be full of expensive yachts, but not on Sunday.

Another view of the city.
 The trolley tour was okay.  It was mainly driving by old houses.  Mom didn't take any photos.  The trolley was really hot even though it had AC.  They stopped at one point to take photos at the WWII memorial and people complained to the driver about how hot it was and it turned the AC down and then it was better.

After the tour, the folks ate at Middleton Tavern.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were regular patrons It was established in 1750.

Inside Middleton Tavern

Sliced Rib Sandwich
It sounds like Dad wants to make another trip to Annapolis to tour a view houses.  Annapolis is about an hour and 15 minutes from us.

Mom hasn't been feeling well this week.  She woke up with a stiff shoulder on Monday but then she started having spasms in her back.  She has a history of back problems. When she was 12, she was in a car accident where she hit and broke the windshield.  She figures that is why she has issues.  Monday, we took it easy.  Yesterday, she started using her walking stick on our walks because her legs were really hurting when she walked.  She has never had that happen before.  The walking stick helped quite a bit.  She was really tired yesterday and took a few naps.  Today, she is feeling much better which is good, except now she feels good enough to vacuum.

It is a rainy day today, but we sat out under the awning after our chores were done.  They are cutting the grass in the rain because this weekend is the Truck and Tractor Show and they have to be ready for it.  It will be across from us, but the folks will be gone doing other things this weekend.  I will have to keep an eye on things, I guess.

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