Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa Needs His Hearing Checked

I asked Santa for a guinea pig.  He gave me a pig.  They are not the same thing, Santa.  I think I already have a pig like this.  I need to check my toy box.  Disappointing!

We haven't been around much.  Mom has been sick with a cold, allergies or sinus issues.  She is not quite sure.  Her biggest problem the last few days has been low energy.  She finally started feeling better yesterday and took Buddy out for a ride. Yes, she went out on Christmas Eve. She said the traffic wasn't bad at all.  I thought we had turned the corner on illness, but now Dad is sick.  I am really getting tired of all this coughing, sneezing and blowing noses.  It really interrupts my day.

We had a change in weather last Saturday.  We dropped over 50 degrees in just a few hours.  It was crazy!  We had wind chills in the single digits.  Mom said it was worse in Missouri and elsewhere.  I wore my coat and boot.  Mom wore a hoodie under her coat along with gloves and a scarf.  Going outside took a while to get dressed, so I made sure that it was time well spent.  We walked like it was a nice day.  Nice and slow.  BOL!   This weekend, it is nice and warm - 70's. The AC is running today.

Mom got a really bad haircut almost two weeks ago at Great Clips.  She asked to just have her hair trimmed and shaped up. Well, the girl either was inexperienced or decided to be creative. She cut off 2" on one side giving Mom a shag.  Remember Carol Brady?  Yeah, that was Mom's cut on one side.  She didn't even measure when cutting.  It was whack, whack, whack.  The first cut did the most damage. Another stylist had to come in and try and fix it. The bad stylist kept shooting daggers at Mom while her hair was being "fixed".  At the end, Mom lost 3" and was told it was all that could be done until it grows.  Mom is still pretty upset about it.  She is trying to decide if she needs to cut off more of her length to make it look right or just keep wearing hoodies.  She complained about the haircut and is supposed to get a coupon for a free haircut.  She hasn't received it yet.  It probably is not coming. She isn't planning on ever going back there, but Dad said he would use the coupon.

Want to hear another complaint?  Mom ordered a candy thermometer from Amazon.  It was supposed to get here last Friday.  The tracking said it was out for delivery.  Then, it said there was a delay.  Friday night, Amazon called and put Mom on a conference call with the supervisor of the driver.  He said the package had been lost in the vehicle, but was now found.  He asked if she needed it delivered Friday night.  It was close to 8 p.m., so Mom asked if they could deliver it on Saturday. The supervisor said that yes, they would deliver it on Saturday.  Mom said that was fine.  Well, they didn't deliver it on Saturday.  They scheduled it for Monday!  Grrrr!  Mom needed it for Sunday.  She called and explained the conversation of the night before that they recorded, but the best they could do was Monday.  Mom cancelled it and ordered it through Prime Now and had it within two hours.  Why couldn't they have done that?

Okay, for some fun stuff.  This is how we decorated this year.

Our flag is two-sided.

Mom decorated our windows this year.

You can still see our neighbors' appliances.

Those people are a reflection of our TV. 
Snowman changes colors.

Our greyhound ornaments.

Tree we bought in Lancaster County.

We also put a bow and "Merry Christmas" on our front door, but we haven't been able to get a good picture of it.

Mom will probably put all our decorations back in the shoe box tomorrow.  BOL!

The folks have reservation at Mom's favorite steak place here, but I am not sure they are going since Dad is sick.  We may just have nachos.

Friday night's sunset.

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