Friday, April 21, 2017

Almost 5 Years!

Five Years

Next Saturday is our 5th anniversary of hitting the road!  We are leaving this location next Saturday for our next destination.  Where are we going?  Come back next weekend to find out. We also have an exciting announcement to make on our anniversary.

Park News

The pool has finally been emptied and cleaned.  It was looking pretty nasty.  

That is not a cover.  That is what the pool looked like.  It had a thick goo on top. 

New Rugs and Decorations

Our new rugs arrived last weekend.  The folks really like how they look.

This was the before.  This was taken two years ago.  If they were still looking this good, we would have kept them.  They had three years of dirt and sand in them.  They no longer looked nice even after vacuuming.  Whenever we folded them up on travel days, there was a layer of sand under them. 

Here are the new rugs:

Mom added some plants to the kitchen.  She purchased them at Hobby Lobby.  Half off this week.

Food Photos

Since we are leaving the area, the folks have been eating at their favorite places.  These photos are from Pappasito's.

Needed Maintenance

A motor home that has been here for five years left on Sunday.  They were in a pull-thru site but since the trees had not been trimmed, they grew over the driveway.  The motor home had to be backed out instead of pulling through.  They did move a small Class C in this week for a night, but they even had trouble with the trees.  Will they trim them?  We may never know.

Instant Pot

Mom still uses her Instant Pot several times a week.  Her favorite thing this week was green, potatoes and bacon. It took four minutes.  Grandma used to make it over a campfire.  Mom said it tasted the same.

Park Happenings

We have been staying inside during the day because I don't like the heat.  We still hear gossip even without looking for it.  We were surprised to hear of a few affairs.  One woman left her husband for another woman.  We knew the women were together but didn't realize that she was married previously.

Our messy neighbor has decided to feed the feral cats.  There are several people who do this, but they do it away from the campers.  Our neighbor has decided to feed them in her driveway.  The cats have decided to open up our trash bags which we sit out in the morning.  Mom is not happy about that.

Piper, my bull terrier friend, has gotten a few fire ant bites.  She had them really bad last year.  Mom's bites are basically healed up.  It took about ten days.

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