Friday, April 14, 2017

Fire Ants

There are fire ants in the the dog park!  Mom stepped on their nest which wasn't very smart.  She got bit on both feet.  She told one of the workers about the nest and she said they come out when it rains.  She put something on them and they seem to be gone.  She told Mom how to treat the bites.  Mom did as she said, but then she looked it up on the Internet and what she told her to do was all wrong.  She is still dealing with the bites after five days.  She is glad that I didn't step on them.  Piper, another dog here, got bit on her face and feet last summer and her Mom said it took her a long time to get over them.  Piper is a Bull Terrier.  She has a big nose like me, but she is much shorter.  She weighs the same as me though.  Her Mom says she is a tank.

RV Maintenance

A few weeks ago, we had a guy who works on RVs come out to change our oil, gas filter and oil in our generator. Our motor home takes a lot of oil.  How much did it cost?  $500 something.  We were thrilled because last year, we drove it to a place in Oklahoma and had to wait outside while they did all the work.  They charged us $85 more than what we paid this year.  It was nice to just sit inside while the work was being done.

Campground Happenings

I continue to watch the squirrels and they watch me.

The pool has not opened yet.  We took this photo last week.

We took this photo around 5 a.m.  We will take one in daylight the next time we go out.  Yes, it is really brown now.  

Big Mail Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we are getting our regular mail, plus a new blender, new living room and kitchen rugs and and some clothes for Mom. It is a good thing Mom will have the Jeep since there is no way the big rug will fit on the scooter.  BOL!   The blender is for me.  Mom makes me frosty treats and yesterday, my blender started smoking!  Dad said "Order that boy a new blender!"  Mom ordered it last night.  I can't be without my frosty treats.


Buddy has traveled 1,000 miles.  It really doesn't seem like much considering all the places he has traveled.  He put the most miles on him in California.  Mom really enjoyed riding him through the Amish roads in Lancaster County.  There are some places that we have stayed that Mom couldn't ride him and that is why his mileage is so low.  When she can ride him, she does.  


Our greyhound friend, Veil, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday.  We shared a birthday. She was a year older than me.  It will be sad celebrating my birthday without her this year. She is now with her brother, Beckett who died on Valentine's Day in 2015.  She is greatly missed by her family and friends.

The Greyhound Who Got A New Boot This Week

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