Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Excitement In The Hood Today

Eviction Number 1

It seems that we missed excitement that went on Monday and Tuesday, but we got to see some today. Apparently on Monday, a guy that we really didn't like was told he was being evicted.  We didn't like him because he was always drunk, played his music really loud and had huge bonfires in his fire pit.  We always felt sorry for the people that were parked next to him.  He was in the section for short-term people.  We never understood why. He should have been in our section, but we are glad he wasn't.  On Monday, the manager told him that his fire pit needed to be 20' away from his neighbor.  He argued about it and got in the manager's face and the manager evicted him.  I guess it wasn't immediate though.  The folks and I walked past his place on Monday night and he was yelling that he wanted the old man out and the lady behind him out, etc.  We didn't know at that point that he was evicted.  Dad said to Mom that he is not exempt from being evicted especially since he was in a FEMA trailer.  Those are not supposed to be allowed but there are a few here.  Yesterday, he was seen measuring the fire pits that are here to see if they were 20' away.  The fire pits are only supplied by the campground in the deluxe areas.  The other ones are just people who have brought them in for their own use, like his.  He then got drunk and decided he was going to start a huge bonfire.  He likes to burn 2x4 boards.  The police were called and he was taken away and was told he was not allowed back in the park.  His wife pleaded with management to let him in to get the trailer out because she knew it was not going to be easy to make it travel worthy.  They agreed and that is what we saw this morning.  He was cussing and yelling.  He said he was suing corporate and management.  We don't really know what he thinks he can sue about.  Our contract says we can be evicted at any time by management.  We finally saw him leave after three hours.  He left behind a lawnmower, smoker and just a lot of junk.  The park has been buzzing about him today.  I think everyone is happy to see him gone. Mom is really happy.  We feel sorry for his wife.

Eviction Number 2

We told you about the other FEMA trailer that we thought was going to be removed.  Well, it happened last night.  The mattress is gone too.

This kitty lost his shelter with the removal of the trailer  He is under there.


Sunday was a rainy day here.  We had 2".  Dad had to drive to Houston for a meeting.  He decided to wait to leave until the afternoon since it was stormy there.  He was only gone one night.  I didn't even realize he was on a trip.  I thought he was just working a night shift. 

Ducks enjoyed the rain.
Tree damage from storms last week.
Spring time!

Instant Pot Happenings

Mom made mashed potatoes, fettuccine carbonara and apple crisp recently.  Everything was good.

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