Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Beautiful Day In The Hood

Enjoying The Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day in our neighborhood.  We lucked out Sunday night and did not get the baseball-sized hail that other areas near us had.  Actually, the place we stayed before here was hit with the hail.  Storms are expected here tonight and tomorrow morning. The rest of the week is supposed to be windy, so yesterday and maybe this coming Friday are the only days that Mom will be able to get out on Buddy.

Buddy took Mom to In-N-Out.

I stayed at home and slept.

Mom and I spent some time outside yesterday.   Mom didn't get a picture, but a squirrel was two feet away from me on the picnic table.  Even the squirrels are crazy here!


Mom is trying to stay away from all the drama here, but Friday she got involved again.  We were out on our morning walk when one of the female workers here stopped us. She asked if we wanted her dog.  Mom thought she was joking, but she wasn't.  She said she had been fired and she had to be out of the campground within the hour.  She said she was going to have to take him to the shelter.  Mom wanted to help, but she knew it would be a disaster for me.  The lady said she was now homeless since her motor home that she just bought from someone else here doesn't run.  She had to leave it behind.  Her family was headed to a motel and they couldn't take the dog.  She said she had spoken up in a meeting and was fired.  They seem to fire people very easily here.  Mom felt really bad for her because she has always been very nice to us.  She really was trying to make a nice place here for her family.  As the weekend went on, we saw more and more things being taken from her yard and it was not by her or her family.

We thought another worker that we like might also be fired.  Mom asked about him and she was told that it couldn't be discussed.  He was gone for ten days, but he is back at work today.

Instant Pot Failure

The dinner Mom made last night was a failure.  She decided to make spaghetti and meatballs.  She forgot that spaghetti is not really recommended, but shaped noodles are fine.  She had trouble getting it to come to pressure, so since the pasta sat there longer boiling than it should and that may have also played a factor in it not turning out.  It wasn't bad when she ate it, but she wasn't happy with it.  Dad was late getting home, so the spaghetti was kept warm in the Instant Pot for two more hours.  It was really bad by then.  No pictures were taken.

Another Day, Another Meal

Tonight, the air fryer will be making a meatloaf and the Instant Pot will make mashed potatoes.  We don't anticipate any problems.  

The Greyhound Who Is Known As Boots Around Here

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