Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still Pretty Boring

There is not a whole lot going on here.  It has been too windy for Mom to ride Buddy.  She will be able to go out tomorrow and maybe order her glasses.  It has been hot.  We were near 90 yesterday and today is a little cooler.  The air ran all day yesterday.  It is at least shutting off today.  Mom found a fan for me because I was panting a lot Saturday night.  I don't like the heat much anymore.  We may have severe storms here on Friday.  Yikes!

I am not allowed to pee on the roses because Mom says I might get a thorn.  :::sigh:::

April The Giraffe

Oh, my goodness!  When is she going to have that calf?  Mom checks on her several times a day.  We thought she was getting ready to give birth a few times, but nope!

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is still cranking out good food.  The Salted Caramel Cheesecake that Mom made last week was good. She also recently made corned beef and potatoes, spicy sausage pasta in a cream sauce and Marsala chicken pasta.  

Marsala Chicken

Eating Out

The folks ate at Gloria's this weekend.  It is a Latin restaurant.  They are known for a bean dip that they serve along with salsa and chips.

Mom's meal.  It is a skirt steak smothered in salsa, cheese, peppers and mushrooms.

Dad's meal.  Surf and Turf.  
They both agreed that they would like to go back again.

Sunday, they ate at their favorite Mexican place, Pappasito's Cantina.
Dad's meal.  That is a lot of food!

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet broke on the day that our warranty expired on our rig.  Mom tracked down the part that we need yesterday.  It took a few emails and phone calls, but she found a very nice lady who helped her.  The folks couldn't determine the brand of the faucet, but we now know. The brand is actually located on the backside of the faucet.  Mom used a mirror to see it.  The faucet has a lifetime warranty.  Mom didn't know if they would honor it since we didn't have the paperwork to register it.  She called the company this morning and it doesn't sound like it will be a problem.  Mom had to send them photos of it just to prove it is one of theirs.  The part is $60 and will be really easy to replace.  The faucet sprays Mom every time she uses it now, so she wants it fixed.

Free Pizza

Mom ordered pizza last Sunday when Dad was at work.  It arrived late, but Mom didn't say anything.  She was really surprised when she received an email from Pizza Hut offering us a free pizza!   We have already redeemed it.

Jokari Fizz Keeper

You may have noticed on our side bar this product.  Mom bought one of these because she loves soda.  She didn't like to buy bottles because she felt that she had to drink them quickly because they went flat. She wanted to try this to see if it worked because bottles are cheaper and easy to carry on Buddy.  She has used this on two bottles and both bottles kept their fizz until she was finished with them which was about five days.  There are reviews that say they keep the fizz for 2.5 weeks.  This replaces the cap and the little plastic ring should also be removed so that it fits correctly.  You then just pump several times.  

The Greyhound Who Is Staying Cool On The Couch

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