Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More March Happenings

There isn't a lot going on around here.  The folks haven't been doing much sightseeing because they have seen everything they want to see.  Dad had a three day weekend, so they went to Camping World.  They have a $25 gift certificate, but didn't use it.  Mom did buy a measuring cup that also has measurements for teaspoons and tablespoons.  She seems to like it.

Campground News

We noticed last week that one of the workers drove down our street in his golf cart.  That is not usual, but then the manager drove past.  He doesn't seem to venture into our section, so that was odd. Then, the worker drove past again really fast.  The next day, we noticed that a guy who had his truck on blocks cleaned up his yard.

 He placed all his junk in the back of the truck.  Yesterday, we saw his truck on a flatbed truck being taken away.

The junk was left behind.  People like mattresses in their yards for some reason.
It kind of looks like they are no longer living there, so we may see their home towed out one day.  It seems like the only thing that gets you kicked out here is not paying rent.

I mentioned in my last post that they were working on the streets here.  It was quite loud.

It takes a lot of men to work on the street.  Five to supervise and one to do the job.  BOL!
We were outside when this was being loaded up. The truck ran for at least an hour. Very loud!

Trying to enjoy nature.
Our neighbor decided to move her swing.

This is our view now.  The swing has a canopy on it.
The first customer for the deluxe sites arrived today.  The sites are complete except the grass still needs to grow.

This is the tent camping area.
Spring is here!

Eye Exam

Mom had her eyes checked on Monday.  She has very healthy eyes!  She has been wearing her old glasses because the glasses she got last year hurt her eyes.  It turns out that she was given the wrong prescription in those glasses.  She is going to order new glasses but it was too busy on Monday and she didn't want to wait. She was going to go today, but it is too chilly to ride Buddy. She is probably going to go next week after spring break is over here.

Instant Pot

Mom made another cheesecake yesterday, but she hasn't tasted it yet.  Dad didn't get home from work until 2 a.m. and she is waiting for him. This one is a Salted Caramel Cheesecake.  She tried a few other new recipes such as a Marsala Chicken Stew and homemade Sloppy Joe's.  I don't think she was in love with either of those.  I really enjoy the chicken or hamburger and rice that she has been making me.


We are very happy with our new Wi-Fi service.  We have only used 16 GBs and we are halfway through the month.  We have 250 GBs.  The folks have been watching YouTube and Netflix.  It doesn't do anything for me, but they are happy with it.

April the Giraffe

Is anyone else waiting for her to give birth?  Mom thought it was going to happen this morning, but no, she is still pregnant.  It has to happen soon.  If you don't know what we are talking about, you can check out this link  April

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