Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Happenings

It is a very busy day here at the old campground.  They are still working on the new deluxe sites and with that, they are widening the street.  It looks like they will make some much needed repairs to the other streets.  Equipment is all over the place this morning.
Watching for squirrels last week.

Magna Shade

We had quite the surprise when we opened our windshield shade this morning.  Our Magna Shade that attaches to the outside of our windshield was gone!  Yep, the wind took it away.  That is pretty amazing because it was attached with several heavy duty magnets.  It was in the neighbors yard.  Mom brought it in and tried to rinse it off.  It is really large and since it has magnets on it, the magnets kept attracting to each other and it just ended up in a big clump in the shower.

It is windy here most of the time, but today, we can feel it in the RV. That is unusual for us. I bet small trailers are really rocking today. Mom hopes that Buddy stays on his wheels.

Thrift Shops

Mom had fun shopping at the thrift shops last Friday. She found a candle warmer at Goodwill that she really likes.  She has a thing for purple, so it was love at first sight.

Instant Pot

We have had several more meals in the Instant Pot.  Pork Fried Rice, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Chili Macaroni and Cinnamon Apples.

Baby Back Ribs
 Dad really liked the Baby Back Ribs.  It starts out with a dry rub in the the Instant Pot and then transferred to the air fryer for the BBQ sauce portion.  Dad said the ribs were full of flavor.

The cinnamon apples recipe was written badly and Mom needs to adjust it.

Carla Returns

Years ago, Mom received phone calls looking for a Carla Williams.  Bill collectors would call all the time.  They didn't believe Mom when she said she didn't know Carla.  Well, it appears that Carla has started giving out Mom's cell phone number again.  Mom had a message from a process server that she is coming by today with papers to serve her, I mean Carla.  She said she will try her at home and work and to consider herself notified.  We wonder what Carla did this time.

Nice App

Mom is constantly trying new recipes.  She made a really silly mistake.  She forgot to write down the recipes that she is trying this week.  She is now trying to backtrack and match recipes with the groceries that she bought.  She bookmarked a lot of recipes for the Instant Pot last week on the Internet.  After that mistake, she started looking for an app that would help her. She came across PepperPlate Recipes.  It is a free app. It will automatically copy some recipes, while some you have to copy and paste.  You can set up a menu for the week. You can also create a grocery list from the recipes that you are using.  That is what Mom really likes.  It syncs to your other devices.  She will have the grocery list on her phone for shopping.  She has been using a shopping list on her phone, but she had to input it all and with this app, it fills it in for you.  She sometimes uses her tablet while cooking.   There is another app called Paprika, but it is not free.  It costs $30 to put it on all her devices, so she is using PepperPlate.  

Rough Dogs

Mom doesn't allow me to play with other dogs in the dog park. She is scared I will get hurt.  Yesterday, we saw an incident that allowed her to say "See, that is why I don't want you playing with other dogs."   This dog came running at a smaller dog and smashed him into the fence.  Ouch!  The dog seemed to be okay and his Mom didn't seem concerned but the smasher dog's Mom put him back on a leash. He is a mean dog and he and his brother are always pulling their Mom around to the point that she has fallen.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Wind To Blow Up His Butt

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