Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Adventures With Our Instant Pot

I mentioned in the last post that Mom bought an Instant Pot for her birthday.  I am really enjoying it. BOL!  It makes really good chicken and rice.

This is it.  It is very quiet when it is on.
She has bought a few things to go with it.

This thing seems to be made for people who live in small spaces.  What is it?

It is a vegetable steamer.  It actually curls up a little to fit inside the pot.
Mom also bought a 6" pan to make cheesecakes and other items.  It has a cheesecake in it now.

Speaking of cheesecakes, Mom made one yesterday.  She has always wanted to make one, but thought it was too hard.  It is really easy in the Instant Pot.

This morning, she put eggs and potatoes in the Instant Pot using the vegetable steamer.  She then made potato salad for dinner.

Potato Salad
I told you that hard boiled eggs peel easily.  Here is proof:

The only thing that Mom has made that she was not thrilled with were pork chops.  She fixed them in a mushroom gravy.  They completely fell apart. She probably cooked them too long.  However, the thing that she really didn't like was that the bones splintered, so there were little bones all over.  She said she would debone them the next time.

Tonight, she will use the Instant Pot and the air fryer to make baby back ribs.  She will cook the ribs in the Instant Pot and then put them in the air fryer to brown them more.  Most recipes say to use the oven broiler, but we don't have one.

She wants to try chicken wings. They only take ten minutes and then she will brown them in the air fryer.

If you are interested in learning more about cooking with an Instant Pot/pressure cooking, just check out YouTube. There are tons of videos.  Mom watched a lot before she bought one.  She didn't know in the beginning if she really wanted one, but then she saw how easy it was  Cooking is kind of a hobby for her.  She loves trying new recipes.

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