Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Vet Made My Eyes Get Big!

Two weeks ago, I had to go to the vet.  I couldn't believe what she did to me.  I would like to get graphic, but Mom doesn't want us to get kicked off of Blogger.  Let's just say that just stuck her fingers where I didn't think they should go.  It turned out that I had Anal Sac Disease.  Yep, that is the official name of it.  I guess you can figure out from that where she put her fingers.  The doctor put me on antibiotics for two weeks.

Here I am asking Mom why she took me to that doctor.

Waiting to tell Dad what the vet did to me.  Guys need to stick together, right?
The best thing that came from the vet visit was that the vet said that it was okay for me to chew on bully sticks and other chews.  Mom wouldn't let me have them after I cut my tongue two years ago.

I am a happy boy!
This morning, Mom said that I had to go back for a re-check.

Mom decided to brush me.

I lost a lot of hair.  I used to not shed a lot, but we think it is because it is so hot here.  We hope that is the cause.
Mom and I visited the vet and Ms. Vet stuck her fingers where they don't belong again.  I was a good boy though and didn't say a word. Ms. Vet said that some greyhounds scream when touched, but not me.  My eyes just get big.  I am all better.  No more medicine.  I will miss the medicine.  Mom puts it in peanut butter.

I have to go back at the end of next month for a blood test because I have to have a dental.  Mom is really dreading it.  I am not looking forward to it either, but I keep telling her it will be fine.  This vet really knows greyhounds and they are giving me the best vet they have for dentals.  It will take about two hours because I have some bad teeth.

We are going on vacation in a few weeks, so I will actually have something to blog about.

The Greyhound Who Is Resting After A Busy Morning

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