Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rainy Days

We had a very rainy week.  It rained every day except for yesterday.  Rainy days mean we can keep our shades open, which is nice.

The dark clouds are in Houston.  The rain went around us.

Just another windy day here.

Mom fixed the Campbell's Marsala Chicken.  It was okay, but she will not buy it again.
It really didn't taste like Chicken Marsala to us.
She tried the Cheesy Broccoli Chicken and it was a hit!  You add frozen broccoli to it and bake it.  The folks both really liked it.

We loved this one!
Yesterday was quite the adventure with the Instant Pot. Mom had a 6.6 pound pork butt roast to cook.  She had it in the refrigerator for two days and it still wasn't completely thawed.  She decided to put in the Instant Pot with 2 cups of chicken broth for 50 minutes. She then let it sit for another 40 minutes because she forgot about it.  She tried to get it out of the Instant Pot to cut it up and that was an issue.  It was hot and heavy.  She had it almost out and it fell back in.  Grease went all over the counter, the cabinets, the freshly mopped floor and Mom.  It was a mess.  She finally got it out and she cut it up.  It wasn't completely cooked which didn't surprised her.  She planned on using the slow cooker to finish it. She added Campbell's Southern BBQ to the Instant Pot.  The slow cooker function on our Instant Pot just doesn't work right.  After five hours, she decided to use the pressure cooker again.  I think she set it for 20 or 30 minutes.  She did a natural release which means she let the pressure come down on its' own.  She took it out and shredded it.  She then took out the sauce and put it in her fat separator.  She was happy she finally bought one because it made that process so much easier.  She then put the pork and the sauce back in the Instant Pot and set it on warm until dinner time.  It turned out great!!!

Love it!

We sure do talk about food a lot.  BOL!
Mom and I talking about how many calories are in food.
 It is another hot and humid day here.  They said there is an African dust cloud that will affect our breathing and allergies today. Where the heck are we that an African dust cloud reaches us?  Mom has had a heck of a time with her allergies here.

It is a bad hair day here.  You have been warned.  BOL!
Have a nice weekend!!!

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