Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm Back!

There is still not much going on, but I am pestering Mom today and she said maybe we should work on the blog.  They are cutting the grass, so we can't sit outside. Grass cutting is an all day event here.  They first edge the entire place, then come back and cut the grass, then they weed eat and then they use a leave blower.  Mom put in a request for them to trim the plants that are blocking our entrance to the dog walk.  The plants are literally blocking our way.  The new manager said she would tell them. We hope they take care of it today.   We are surprised they are cutting grass because it is so wet. We have had rain every day since last Thursday.  Cindy didn't bring us much, but another system is getting us.  We have had lots of thunder.  No real storms, but lots of thunder.  Saturday, Mom opened the refrigerator door and BOOM.  It shook our entire place and Mom screamed.  We know two whippets who are staying here from California and they have been really scared.

As you may remember, Mom likes to cook. She has been trying to cook healthier meals.  She did pretty good last night.  She tried these seasoning wraps. They are supposed to go around chicken, but she put them on tilapia.  The wraps are 25 calories and you don't use any oil.

This is the inside of the wrap.

See, you just wrap it around the food and fry it.

This is how the fish turned out.

Mom loves capers with fish, so she topped the fish with them.
Mom also fixed fresh string beans and potatoes in the Instant Pot.  She has decided that she really can't tell the difference between the fresh and the canned after they are cooked and the fresh are a heck of a lot more work, so she may just go back to canned.  She cut up the beans, onions, garlic, potatoes and some bacon and put it along with some chicken broth in the Instant Pot and set it on the soup mode for 25 minutes. It came out perfect. I love green beans and Mom seems to be on a green bean kick, so I am happy.  She didn't give me any of the onions or the garlic because she said that is a no-no for pups.

Green Beans and Potatoes with a little bacon

This is the chicken broth that she used.  Have you tried it?  They also have a beef one that she loves.
The final part of the meal was zucchini.  She cooked it in olive oil and seasoned with garlic salt and pepper.  

It was a good meal.  The green beans with potatoes were probably the least healthy part, but they sure were good. Dad said the zucchini was a little limp.  He liked the wraps she used on the fish.

Tonight she is fixing chicken marsala.  She has made it from scratch several times, but tonight she is trying a Campbell's skillet sauce.  She hasn't decided the sides for sure.  She may fix a little pasta and probably a salad.  

I will let you know next time if the folks liked the chicken marsala.

The Greyhound Who Loves His Mom's Cooking

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