Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another Friend Is At The Bridge

We are very sad to say that one of our greyhound friends has left this earth. Rosie went to the bridge last night.  She had just turned 12 in May.  We met Rosie several times at meet and greets when we lived in Missouri.  She was a definite pro at those. She loved all the attention that she received and she knew there would be treats involved.  Rosie loved her treats.

Rosie wasn't a fan of the heat, so her Mom made sure she had a fan and a cooling mat.

She lived a wonderful life and her family is heartbroken that she has gone to the bridge.  She leaves behind her Mom and Dad, her brother, Hairy and her sister, Lily and, of course, many friends.

Rosie in her younger days.

Hairy, Rosie and Lily

As you can see from the photos, Rosie enjoyed a relaxing life.  She was a very sweet girl and is greatly missed.  Rosie, please send your Mom a sign.  I know she is waiting for one.

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