Monday, June 12, 2017

Christmas in June?

Yes, apparently, Hobby Lobby thinks it is time to start selling Christmas items.  Mom says that is the earliest that she has seen Christmas items at a store.

We were surprised this morning when we arrived at the dog walk and saw the farmer cutting the grass in his field.  Mom used to enjoy looking at all the wildflowers in it and now they are gone.

There were several birds that were upset too.
The folks drove to Kemah, TX this past weekend.  It a town on the water.  Mom had a coupon for a free appetizer at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack.

Fried Oysters and Shrimp.  Dad said the shrimp was good.  The oysters were okay.

Fried pickles - their free appetizer.

Burger with bacon cooked in it.  Mom said it was okay.
They actually serve several alligator dishes but Mom has had alligator the past two weekends.  They will probably go back some day.

The following photos are the view they had while eating.  The boardwalk is in the background where the roller coaster is.

Yesterday, the folks took me to a local park.  We walked for a short distance.  It was pretty hot, so we made it short.  I think the only reason Mom took me was because I begged and begged to go when they left earlier in the day to do some shopping.  Mom took me to McDonald's earlier in the week. 😀

I am getting used to the robotic vacuum.  Mom figured out that if she uses my bed as a barricade, I don't freak out.  Although, I look a little scared in this photo.

Mom and I stay inside when it is hot out.  Last Friday night, the folks and I sat outside until well after our bedtime.  That was odd. The weather was nice and cool.

Here I am relaxing inside where it is nice and cool.
The instant pot has been busy making potato salad, mashed potatoes, pastas and even steamed veggies.  Mom still really likes it.  Today, it has a roast in it.  She is using it as a slow cooker.  It is not the best slow cooker though.  She may have to use it as a pressure cooker if the roast is not done.

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