Friday, June 23, 2017

All Is Well

Tropical Storm Cindy only brought us a few light showers.  Mom and I walked in the rain a few times, but it wasn't bad at all for us.

We are back to our normal life now.  

A few interesting things happened last week. We watched a guy move into the site next to us.  He had a fifth wheel and he got it all set up. He then looked over at our site and saw that it was slightly flooded from the recent downpour.  He moved to another site.  He got all set up and then he moved again.  After 2.5 hours of moving sites and setting up, he left.  Yep, he left at 3 p.m.  I guess he wasn't happy here.  Also last week, the general manager was let go.  Mom was upset because she was really nice.  We miss her.

This is our neighbor now.  Isn't he small?
This may be our last update for a while. There is really not much going on.  It may be time to stop blogging.  😲

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