Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping at Sam A. Baker State Park

This past weekend, my husband and I along with our two greyhounds camped at Sam A. Baker State Park in Missouri.

The park is very nice. A paved biking trail that starts at campground 1 and passes campground 2, the visitor's center, the store and ends at the restaurant. It is a very easy ride. I had a deer racing me at one point and I was scared that the deer would cause me to crash into him. It would just be my luck, but the deer stayed out of my way....thank goodness.

The campsites are spacious and campground 1 is full of pine trees. See the Class A motor home in the photo? That's ours. We purchased it this past March. We had a 23' trailer before it and pulled that trailer with our Jeep Liberty. The Jeep prefers being our tow vehicle.

We try to camp about twice a month and have found Missouri state parks to be nicer than private parks.

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