Friday, September 26, 2008

My Girl Needs Mudflaps!

Jack is my first greyhound and my first male dog. I’ve tried to be careful with his collar color choices to make sure they are manly enough. My husband, Jeff, was not thrilled when I started crocheting scarves for Jack. I don’t think either of them thought they were manly enough, even though I chose blue as the color. When we decided to adopt a second greyhound there wasn’t a doubt that it would be a girl. I wanted a girl that would wear pink collars, hats and my crocheted scarves. I dreamed of a petite, red fawn with dark eyebrows as the red fawns make my heart flutter. Finally, we were ready to find my little diva. I was surprised that I fell for a red brindle named Scout. Her 74 pounds did not make her petite, but the same size as Jack. I already decided that my girl would be named Katie, so the Scout name had to go. It wasn’t long after Scout’s arrival that I learned that Scout was not a Katie. She didn’t look like a Katie and she responded to the name Scout. So, with a heavy heart, I changed her name back to Scout. I soon learned that Scout was not going to be my diva, my girly girl. I placed a hat on her and it seemed to take all the life out of her. I put a velvet jester collar on her at Christmas and again, she deflated until the collar came off. The girl has “ETS” (Escaped Tongue Syndrome) for gosh sakes! I’m sure you’ve seen it. She lets about a ¼” of her tongue hang out the side of her mouth. It’s just not a diva thing to do, but it definitely makes me laugh. One day Jeff and I were watching her run in the yard. She was running in the mud and having the time of her life. Mud was flying everywhere. Jeff said that she needed mud flaps. It was about that time that she stopped running and rolled in the mud. :::sigh::: She is definitely not the dog of my dreams, but she’s my Scout and I wouldn’t trade her for all the “Katie’s” in the world.

Scout will celebrate her first "Gotcha Day" with us on September 29th.

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