Monday, September 29, 2008

Scout's Gotcha Day!

Today is my greyhound, Scout's, first "Gotcha Day". What's a "Gotcha Day"? It's the day that we adopted her. She came to us from

Scout traveled from Tulsa to St. Louis. I believe she was driven to Springfield, MO and then a driver picked her up along with a few other dogs up to complete the lag to St. Louis. Jeff and I met her at the drop off in St. Louis. We had only seen her photo before that day. I spoke with her foster Mom a few times before Scout arrived to learn more about her.

It's exciting bringing a new dog into the home, but it's also stressful, too. I didn't know if Jack would like Scout and vice versa. Jack had been an only dog for 15 months before Scout moved in. He was a little jealous at first and still is at times, but they like each other. We brought Scout into our house as a foster with intent. It meant that we were really the foster parents, but we intended to adopt her. If Jack and Scout did not get along, then we would keep her until new parents were found.

I am actually glad that we are out of the newness stage. We had a few issues with house breaking. Basically, I was stressing the poor dog out I think. I thought she should have to go out more than she needs to. We figured out a routine after about two months and things have been running smooth since that time.

We celebrated Scout's big day with homemade frozen treats topped with whipped cream. The pups seemed to enjoy them.

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